18 Mar

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This week has been Autism Awareness Week and our young people have been learning about the behaviours and characteristics of autism and what they can do to help their peers.


E-Base students from our Autism Base have been taking part in a range of activities to help both staff and young people throughout the Learning Centre have a greater understanding of what goes on in their classroom and about young people on the autistic spectrum. They have put up a wonderful range of posters (to the delight of Dave, our caretaker!) to raise awareness and they have thoroughly enjoyed displaying their work around the building..

D of E E Base poster-1

On Thursday they embraced the theme of Autism Awareness Week, ‘standing out and being different’, through their own unique gingerbread creations..


They shared a presentation in Friday’s assembly showing a series of photographs of their English lesson with some wonderful student comments – we will have to add it to this page next week for you to see for yourselves.

Autism Awareness Week has been brilliant – we think every week should be like this!!  🙂