04 Jun

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Well, what a half term that was! After 7 months in the classroom, Bridging the Gap are back on the road again! All our students have been working hard on placement and have been making an excellent impression! Firstly we have Peter who is completing his first independent placement in the kitchens at the Royal Oldham Hospital! Here he is in class on our first day..

..and after a quick superman change he’s ready for work!!

Peter is very happy with his job and says ‘It’s nice to get out of the classroom and the ladies I work with are all so lovely.’

Next we have Dominic who is serving Peter in The Café Royal here..

Staff who work in catering get their lunch for free, chips anyone? Dominic has fitted in extremely well and is already shouting orders out across the café (which can be very daunting!) As the staff call him, he is their ‘Panini King!’

Next we have Alan who is working hard in the very hot laundry! Al is happy to come round and clean any duvets or sheets you may have at home! Haha. His supervisor has said, ‘It’s like he’s been here for months, he really fits into the team.’

Last but not least, at the Royal Oldham Hospital we have Josie who is working in Human Resources, where she is responsible for archiving doctors’ leave documents. Josie is on filing cabinet number 4 of 5, so is whizzing through her work. Don’t forget to make the tea in the morning, Josie.

So that is half of our Bridging the Gap cohort, where is everyone else? Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) will not be open until September but that does not mean that our students get out of work, oh no! First we have Jojo who is working at David Lloyd. His Job Coach Tisha is extremely proud of Jojo, as we all are. He gets stuck in and also helps guide other students who are new to David Lloyd.

Then finally at Avro we have the last but not least of our BtG students, Josh and Peter (Pedro). They have been hard at work painting, cleaning and anything else that is asked of them! Our students are punctual and hard working and after nearly a year in class are all thriving out in the workplace where they should be.

I can’t believe it, but this week we showed our potential students for next year around Manchester Metropolitan University and the hospital! (Crazy, as we have only just started placement three weeks ago for this year!) Although we could not go into the university as it doesn’t open again until September, we all enjoyed having a look around and familiarising ourselves with the journey etc.

Here is Christian from Digit4ll and I posing at the MMU sign, with Morgan from Activ8 showing us how a professional photo should be taken!

Myself and Beth could not be prouder of our Bridging the Gap students. To step into the work environment, and after the year that we have had, has been superb. They have learnt so much over the past year and it is a pleasure to watch them finally at work!

We hope you have all enjoyed the half term holiday, especially our BtG students; Josie, Al, Dom, Jojo, Pete, Pedro and Josh. We look forward to seeing you back in work on Monday ready to work hard for your last BtG placement!

Genna and Beth, Senior Job Coaches at Bridging the Gap