24 Nov

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Miss Patchett’s Life Skills pathway class had a very busy, productive and enjoyable time last week…

In our Literacy lessons we first designed and created posters to advertise the Children in Need bake sale before putting them up around school to inform everybody of the big event. This involved planning what we were going to write, practising our handwriting skills and learning about sentence construction..

Our life skills session involved us going shopping to Tesco to buy the ingredients to make our cakes. We followed shopping lists, found the correct items, loaded our shopping onto the belt and helped pack the items away in bags once it had been paid for.

In our food tech lesson we have been busy making carrot cake and chocolate fudge brownies for the cake sale. We have been learning about measuring ingredients, using different equipment and learning different techniques such as mixing and folding the ingredients..

We have also been busy making our ‘spotty’ aprons and headbands to wear for the event.

On the big day we put the finishing touches to our cakes, had our faces painted and helped serve and sell the cakes to the staff and students. This tied in with our numeracy targets on money, recognising coins, adding and subtracting money problems and understanding the process of handing over money in exchange for goods and the concept of giving change.

The theatre was VERY busy!!

On Monday we went around school with a final cake sale..

..and then counted all the money raised in our numeracy lesson..

Mr Lyons is going to find out the grand total but the event was a huge success and we would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Hickman and Miss Kurpas for all their hard work!!

Well done everybody – same time, next year?