Welcome to the Communication Groups’ Home Learning Page.

The Communication Group curriculum is based on a Total Communication approach and aims to enable our pupils to work on personalised Speech and Language targets throughout all their learning. These pages will provide you with opportunities to replicate this at home with your child.
All the work set has been closely linked with the individual pupil overviews sent to you by your child’s Class Teacher.

The work provided includes a weekly session plan for Maths, English and Living Skills, as well as specific Communication related activities. Each plan is based around a specific theme and will highlight the intended Learning Objectives for each subject, planned activities and linked resources.

We hope you find the plans useful to your child’s home learning – please feel free to contact the relevant Class Teacher with any queries you may have.

Thank you,

Miss Orgacki (KS3EOI) and Mrs Fennelly (KS3MFY)

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Have you seen our new Remote Learning guide, our one-stop resource list for parents, pupils and staff, which brings together all the resources we use in school and also includes links to other resources that may be of interest to you – please click here to view it. The guide will be kept updated as new and exciting apps and resources emerge. Please contact school if you need login details for any of the apps listed.