Our Careers Guidance seeks to make our young people aware of the broader, wider world and to develop some of the skills needed to enjoy life to the full. Careers Guidance is not simply about jobs, but about developing an understanding of students’ skills and qualities in a variety of situations. Outside agencies provide guest speakers to prepare and inform our students about life after the Learning Centre and visits to local businesses further enhance their understanding.

The purpose of Careers Education is to help students develop skills, attitudes and abilities to prepare them for their future adult life. Careers Education will follow, where appropriate, the non-statutory framework for Careers Education and Guidance 11-19 (2003) aiming to help all our students understand themselves and the influences on them. It will also help our students investigate opportunities in learning and in work, and help them to manage the changes and transitions they will face. The learning outcomes for Careers Education are linked closely to the learning outcomes for Citizenship, PCSHE and Life Skills, and take a broad view of students’ progress and development. Careers Education will provide the framework for supporting students in making decisions and informed choices relating to their Post 16 and Post 19 opportunities. Careers Education will also provide opportunities for students to investigate a wide range of work related skills and to understand the qualifications and routes offered Post 16 that will be relevant to their own lives. Students will also be offered a range of Entry Level qualifications linking Life Skills and Careers. Careers Education will provide the framework for students to complete a Work Experience or Careers related experience in Year 11 at New Bridge School and as part of their ongoing Careers Education at New Bridge Learning Centre.