In Music sessions we teach pupils to appreciate music and the sounds around them. All pupils have the opportunity to perform on a variety of instruments and get involved in group and individual compositions.

There is a great emphasis on Music Technology and pupils enjoy accessing a variety of software packages through computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards and the soundbeam equipment. All pupils have access to our state of the art recording studio.

Music can be broken down into four main areas of study:  performing, composing, listening and appraising.

The Music curriculum offers the pupils as wide an experience as is possible. Each pupil is encouraged to work individually and also to be a member of a small group and at times work with a whole class group.

Pupils are encouraged to follow a hands-on approach, to investigate and to experiment with sound sources and use these when composing and performing. Pupils listen to a variety of musical material of differing styles, periods and cultures.