Physical Education at New Bridge School is always fun, exciting and challenging. All pupils are offered a wide variety of activities and all of these can be accessed at levels appropriate to each individual. The Physical Education team strongly believes that exercise is fundamental to the well-being of everyone and is proud that New Bridge School offers a minimum of two and a half hours of PE and swimming to every pupil each week.

The Physical Education department aims to provide high quality Physical Education and sport to enable all our young people, whatever their circumstances or ability, to take part in and enjoy all aspects. The curriculum offers a wide, balanced programme of activities which will enable all young people to improve and achieve in line with their potential. These activities range from dance, gymnastics and swimming to health related fitness, orienteering and other outdoor adventurous activities. It also includes all team games, including football, hockey, boccia and basketball so that everyone will experience the social aspects of being part of a team. The establishment of self esteem and confidence is also developed through participation in Physical Education and all achievement will be celebrated from school level through to national level so that all the young people experience success and feel valued.

The Physical Education department will also provide a range of sporting opportunities by offering accredited qualifications and courses, and creating school-club links to enable the young people to pursue the activities that they enjoy in their own time and after they leave New Bridge.