07 Oct

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This week we have been bringing lots of things together in our IT pathway to help promote our enterprises: New Bridge Productions and New Bridge Printers.

Afsana, Mitchell, Sufyaan and Reece had a meeting with Mr Slater this week to build a database of useful business contacts to get in touch with. They then researched local companies online and drafted an email to send..



Our creative team have been filming and editing a promotional video for ‘Future Finders’ using top of the range equipment in the green screen studio and the post production suite. As you can see, Lewis, Matty, Sufyaan and Eliot have all been hard at work..


The project is well underway and we will share the final video with you all in a few a weeks time.

Tom is designing an animated logo to go at the beginning of every one of our video products. He has been using Adobe After Effects software and is demonstrating some really high level skills in keyframe animation. We will share the final logo very soon..


Our design team have been hard at work too. This week we updated our new flyer – please spread the word that we can provide personalised mugs, t-shirts and canvases. We’ve also had a few jobs to print off this week; Sophie is taking a lead on in the printing area and is doing extremely well..

img_6888jpg img_6891jpg

 If you require any printing solutions contact nbprinters@newbridgegroup.org

For a video created for any occasion it’s nbproductions@newbridgegroup.org