The IT Pathway is a route for pupils who are committed to working with technology long term. The pathway builds on the ethos of IT at New Bridge School and works around 3 clear strands:

  • Technical Support
  • Media Production
  • Enterprise Skills

At Key Stage 4 pupils study many different topics such as creating viral ads in video production, designing games in programming, hardware installation in technical IT and designing a promotional canvas in photo design, to name just a few. We have had huge success on the IT Pathway since it launched, with increased engagement for disaffected pupils, improved attendance for absentees and all pupils have gained either Entry 3, Level 1 or Level 2 qualifications.

Pupils on the Key Stage 4 IT Pathway work towards one of two main qualifications:

The Key Stage 5 IT Pathway, at our Medtia site, run their own enterprise. This is part of the nationwide Young Enterprise scheme. Students are in charge of everything from voting for their director and managers to choosing the products they are going to create and the name of their company. This is where students get to put into practice what they have been learning within their lessons throughout their time with New Bridge and run a successful business which is theirs. They apply a range of IT skills in digital and print media, whilst developing their social and online communications skills.

Students are shareholders in their own enterprise, opening and managing their own bank account and thus get to earn money from the profits that they make. Students work regularly with the wider community; going to local markets to sell their products, filming different events for local businesses, developing their own social media sites and taking part in Young Enterprise competitions.

It is this focus on real-life work that has seen some amazing success stories from those pupils that have finished their time on the IT Pathway and have gone on to employment in IT.

Students on the Key Stage 5 IT Pathway work towards one of two main qualifications: