New Bridge is very pleased to be running the DofE Award Scheme for a fifth year after our first groups successfully completed their Bronze, Silver and now Gold levels. We now have even more new groups across the school and Learning Centre working towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards!

We feel the DofE Scheme gives our young people the opportunity to grow in confidence, to be independent and to develop the skills and attitudes they need for adulthood. A DofE programme is a personal challenge which is tailor-made to suit individual circumstances. The personal and non-competitive nature of the scheme enables participants from different and diverse starting points to be equally proud of achieving their DofE Award based on their own challenge and journey.

For further information please contact us or visit the DofE website by clicking here.

You can read news of expeditions and even an invitation to Buckingham Palace below:

Bronze Qualifying Expedition 2019

Silver Qualifying Expedition 2019

Gold Qualifying Expedition 2019

Bronze & Silver Expeditions 2019

Silver Practice Expedition 2019

Gold Practice Expedition 2019

Bronze Practice Expedition 2019

Silver Qualifying Expedition 2018

Gold Qualifying Expedition 2018

Gold Awards Presentation at Buckingham Palace May 2018

IB Bronze Expedition 2018

Gold Practice Expedition 2018

Silver Practice Expedition 2018

Bronze Practice Expedition 2018

Gold Qualifying Expedition 2017

Silver Qualifying Expedition 2017

Bronze Qualifying Expedition 2017

Gold Practice Expedition 2017

Silver Practice Expedition 2017

Bronze Practice Expedition 2017

Gold Qualifying Expedition 2016

Silver Qualifying Expedition 2016

Bronze Qualifying Expedition 2016 

Gold Practice Expedition 2016

Silver Practice Expedition 2016

Bronze Practice Expedition 2016

60th Anniversary Celebration at Buckingham Palace