Here are some more fun Easter activities if you are looking for something to keep you busy¬† ūüôā

Have you seen¬†our new¬†Remote¬†Learning guide, our one-stop resource list for parents, pupils and staff, which brings together all the resources we use in school and also includes links to other resources that may be of interest to you ‚Äď please click¬†here¬†to view it. The guide will be kept updated as new and exciting apps and resources emerge. Please contact school if you need login details for any of the apps listed.

In addition to the websites listed in the Remote Learning guide, you might also find some of these of interest:

  • Food A Fact of Life – lots of great activities, recipes and resources¬†here
  • Bumblebee Physio have done an alternative inclusive PE session live¬†here
  • Knowsley Safari Park
  • Chester Zoo
  • Edinburgh Zoo (Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)
  • Folly Farm
  • Paignton Zoo
  • London Zoo
  • Cannon Hall Farm
  • Nature around the world¬†here
  • View 3D animals in Google¬†here
  • The Karten Network have pulled together links to a wide range of resources¬†here
  • Harry Potter at Home:¬†here
  • Museums…there are lots, we have included just a few more below. You may also like to read the new guide from ‘Autism in Museums’ – if you scroll down the page, there are links to resources you may find useful¬†here
  • Manchester Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Explore the world:¬†Project Explorer
  • Mr Sturrock (a primary teacher from Scotland) has drawn up a list of daily live activities available online¬†here.
  • Society of Children’s Bookwriters and Illustrators digital directory¬†here