23 Oct

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This year we will be supporting Children in Need once again and getting involved in lots of activities on Friday 17th November. Our enterprising Nurture Group pupils are one step ahead of us though, and have found a way to use Halloween to kickstart their fundraising..

The pupils have obtained an impressively large pumpkin and have challenged us to guess how much it weighs. They are asking for a 20p donation to Children in Need for each guess and the person who comes closest to the correct figure will win the pumpkin! You too could make a fantastic display like the Nurture Group..

Don’t worry, the prize pumpkin is still intact and waiting..

If you would like to take part in the Nurture Group’s competition, please send your best guess(es) together with your name and donation to school in a sealed envelope. Who knows, you could be lucky enough to be taking it home on Friday……