16 Jun

It’s been another great week at New Bridge this week, lots of people are anticipating with excitement the upcoming Haven trip next week!

On Tuesday the final exam was done meaning they’re all complete…and what a relief that was! The stress and anxiety finally disappeared and we can finally have a ball and celebrate.

On Wednesday the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold boys were practising their map reading for the up and coming Gold qualifying expedition which took us to a mysterious part of Boggart Hole Clough and finished with me slipping down a steep hill covered in mud and Tony laughing his head off.

At wheelchair football this week I decided to have a go in the chair because they were down on numbers, and it’s safe to say that Kyle wasn’t too pleased with my tactics and style of play!

For the past two weeks we’ve had one of our old boys and a good friend of mine, Luke, come back and do work experience at New Bridge. Keep it up, Luke, you’re doing well and you deserved to get paid for your brilliant work!

That’s it for this week. I’ll be doing a blog midweek to tell you about our amazing holiday and how it’s going and I might include some photos! Sorry for the short blog, hopefully more next week!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!