21 May

This week’s blog is going to be predominantly filled with nature as I’ll be sharing all the student and staff entries to our photographic competition, held as part of last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Firstly I’d like to apologise to Mrs McDonald and her Entitlement Group as her photographs were not included within last week’s blog, so I’d like to start with her report:

This week in E-Base 2, the students have engaged in a number of nature activities for Wellbeing Week. We have made some fat balls for the birds which was quite fun. Wany took great pride in helping to make our own Bug Hotel which is now in the garden.

We have created some nature sun catchers using various plants and leaves from our back garden.

Throughout the week the students have been engaged in making a papier mache ladybird and spider to go on top of our bug hotel. 

We have all enjoyed watching the virtual nature walks which we found to be very relaxing and for some of our students very engaging.  On the whole, a very busy and productive week.

The students really enjoyed muddy patch edible messy play which consisted of chocolate cake and jelly worms, it went down a treat!

The students have engaged really well and had a great week. Well done everyone.

Mr Thompson has had another busy week producing our weekly Learning Centre news report. Mr Thompson explains what the students have been up to:

This term we have been learning about Music Technology and filming using green screen in iMovie, adding visual effects and music to make videos. The group had an idea to research/ find out what people had done during the week in the Learning Centre and create a newscast to display a “Learning Centre News” Blog. This ranges from projects classes have done to things people have done during the week or weekend, regardless of the context.

All the group had some involvement, whether it be filming..

..making music for the intro, editing, visual effects or reporting..

It is the first video they have done and we spent today analysing it to see how we can improve or add more to the video for next week. They had great fun doing it and it will be a significant contribution to their assessed employability pathway they are undergoing. Well done guys.


I’ll now hand over to our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, Miss Wright..

During Mental Health Week, one of our activities was a Nature Photograph Competition. Students used their iPads to take photos throughout the week. They had the opportunity to either take them in the Learning Centre grounds or on their trip to Alexandra Park. They were then tasked with choosing their favourite one to enter into the competition. This was a really difficult choice for some and they struggled to find their favourite from the great photos they had taken.

It is evident from the photographs entered into the competition that our students truly engaged with this activity and understood the concept of what nature is. There is evidence of the careful thought process that has gone into each photo. What is amazing is how individual they all are and this highlights how we all see things differently when we are out in nature. It also made the competition very difficult to judge!


We definitely have some very talented and artistic students and staff at the Learning Centre, I look forward to sharing the results within next week’s blog.

This week our students were able to receive their second dose of their Covid vaccination. A huge thank you to the staff team for all their hard work in making this happen at short notice.

I’m delighted to announce that next week the Learning Centre Student Council representatives will be holding their first meeting with myself and our Governors. It’s been too long and I just can’t wait to hear their views and opinions. Student voice has always been an integral part of Learning Centre life and has been instrumental in many developments over recent years.

Have a nice weekend,


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