11 Jun

I’m delighted to announce that we have been able to re-introduce Leisure Cooking into the Learning Centre curriculum this week. We have introduced strict protocols including around all equipment and recipes are designed to ensure no sharing of ingredients or dishes. 13 AGE have led the way this week with their cooking session, making Tomato and Herb Pasta.

Mrs Keane’s group have also had their first cooking lesson. They made pasta in tomato sauce. The students really enjoyed being back in the kitchen and they enjoyed eating their food at home.

  • Philip: I enjoyed making the food, it was easy. I ate mine for dinner.
  • Alisha: I loved being in the kitchen. I liked chopping up the food. I liked eating it.
  • Kibria: I liked stirring the food in the pan, I felt like a chef, I enjoyed it a lot. The pasta tasted good.

The Nurture Group have also been busy in the kitchen this week cooking a tomato and basil pasta which counts as evidence towards their DofE Bronze Award.

From the empty plates and Malcolm’s expression, it was lovely!

Mr George has been so excited to be back teaching in the kitchen and said “Everyone, across all groups, has done amazingly well this week!”

Now to activities outside the Learning Centre. Firstly to Mrs Keane and Mr George’s groups..

12AKE have been making the most of the lovely weather.  We have been outside weeding, learning how to make daisy and buttercup chains and finding caterpillars.

13AGE have been embracing mindfulness and wellbeing techniques in the open air by doing some ‘Forest Bathing’ and interacting with nature. They have also been taking part in ‘Earth grounding’ in the sunshine.

Year 14 have, once again, been hard at it in the gardens as Mr Blackman explains..

Here are some of the students filling plant pots to the correct level with compost and then planting a green bean in the centre, ensuring they’re watered and then placing in the polytunnel, hopefully to produce healthy plants.

The team have also been harvesting lettuce leaves..

..then washing, drying and bagging them prior to selling at 20p a bag (better than ALDI!)..

Mr Newport’s report also has a culinary theme..

The students’ favourite lesson this week has been making tuna wraps. Students had to use their fine motor skills to chop ingredients and plenty of communication skills through choice making, expressing their likes and dislikes.

And now to report from Mr Thompson on this week’s newscast from our Employability group:

Lisia, Ellie and Kaitlin produced the script for Joe to read which included some fun and interesting stories. Terry and Adeel did a really good job of filming, Subhan and Jason skilfully edited the footage and Joe once again did an amazing job as our newsreader. It was a great example of teamwork and the group continue to develop their iPad skills using iMovie to create the videos. The girls have developed their communication skills in communication by going around the Learning Centre to research what people have been doing and generate the stories. Terry has also made a positive contribution to production this week, well done.

We always have lots of fun making these videos and the group have upcoming plans to create videos for the Leavers’ Celebration and end of year productions. Great work guys!


Thanks Mr Thompson and the team.

As you may be aware, this week it was announced by Government that Oldham, along with the rest of Greater Manchester and other areas in the North West, has been named an “enhanced response area” (ERA) for Covid-19. This is due the rise in cases of the new Delta variant. The following guidance has been shared with school leaders.

The Delta variant spreads more easily from person to person, meaning that people in these areas should take particular caution when meeting anyone outside their household or support bubble.

This means that, from today, people in Oldham and other ERA areas are being advised to:

  • meet outside rather than inside where possible
  • keep 2 metres apart from people that you don’t live with (unless you have formed a support bubble)
  • minimise travel in and out of affected areas where possible, to minimise contact with others

On Monday we sent out a letter to all families from Katrina Stephens, Director of Public health, with an update on COVID-19 guidance. The key points include:

  • PCR testing recommended for all contacts of positive cases.  A 10 days isolation period must still be completed, but the PCR test will pick up additional cases as quickly as possible.
  • Face coverings are strongly advised in communal areas for secondary school, and college students. Students do not have to wear face coverings in classrooms; however, some students may choose to do so.
  • Regular testing – we are asking for your continued support in routine asymptomatic LFD testing for staff, secondary school pupils and college students.
  • PCR testing is now recommended for children with non-COVID-19 symptoms.

I’d like to assure all our families that at the Learning Centre the safety of all our students and staff remains our priority and we are continuing with our bubble structure and adhering to all safety protocols.

In light of the above information we have made the decision that the Leavers Celebration event will take place at the Learning Centre within the college day on July 15th. We had provisionally hoped we could hold this event at St Anne’s Rugby Club with families being able to attend, however we feel the safest option is to hold this event on site. I understand the reasons behind this decision. We needed to make this decision now to enable planning going forward. I can assure students that we will be going all out to make it a memorable event and will ensure students have an appropriate record of their special day. I’ve got my posh frock ready!

Before I finish, I just had to share the following picture which illustrates that some of our lads share a rather classy taste in shirts, totally unplanned!

Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe.


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