18 Jun

There’s been loads going on at the Learning Centre this week and there is definitely a creative theme. On Wednesday the Interactive Base were treated to individual concerts from two very talented Harpists arranged by Mr Thompson. I managed to pop outside to join Mrs Knox’s group and it was truly wonderful to hear such beautiful music and to see the reaction of our students, there was some particularly enthusiastic involvement from students. The nice weather allowed us to do this safely outside.

A big thank you and well done needs to go out to Noorul from Year 12 who stepped in to assist Mr Thompson taking photos and videos. He listened attentively whilst Mr Thompson gave him a quick demonstration of what to do, he then confidently took over. Well done Noorul.

Many thanks Mr Thompson for organising such an enjoyable event!

Now to our Year 12 students and a report from Mrs Keane..

This week there was a lot of excitement when the Police paid a social visit to the Learning Centre to meet some of our students.

Kibria who loves vehicles, asked the police if they would let him open the back doors of the van so he could feel the doors and what was inside.

The police then opened the side door so that everyone could have a proper look inside.

The officers showed the group how the camera extends up and moves around.

Kibria got a chance to sit at the control centre and feel all the different buttons and switches.

Kibria also liked slamming the door shut.

Here’s what some of the group had to say..

  • Haider: It was good!
  • Noorul: It was good not to be arrested but I would have liked to try the handcuffs.
  • Alisha: The police officers were friendly, they played cricket with us.
  • Philip: It was really good, I was excited by the technology in the van.

This week in cooking the group made cheese and onion pasties.  They smelled amazing and made me feel very hungry! Philip and Haider couldn’t wait to eat theirs.

We’ve also been creative this week and used collage techniques to produce art work based on our topic of space. (I definitely recognise some Miro inspired images there Mrs Keane)

And finally, Philip and Noorul built some Mars Rovers..

And now to Miss Knox’s IB Comms group who have clearly had a very busy this week.

We have been making the most of the glorious sunshine by doing activities outside.

We have also been very arty and made our own Father’s Day cards.

On Tuesday we had a live music concert which was enjoyed by all. It was also lovely to welcome Joseph B. back last week. Lovely to have you with us Joseph.

There has been a buzz around the Learning Centre, apparently something to do with the Euros!! I’m trying to get into the spirit of things and I’m hopeful that my sweepstake team will romp home with the title! Anyone tell me if Finland are in with a shout? Get me Mr Quinn, a football reference in my blog!

Mr Blackman’s Year 14 have their very own footy stars of the future, all hoping for a game and kitted up ready for kick off – come on you blues, errrr reds, yellows, oranges and the whites!

This week I managed to grasp five minutes sat in our wellbeing garden which is a truly wonderful and calming place to spend some quality time. It’s hard to remember what it looked like at the start before Mr Blackman, Miss Kindon and the Nurture Group staff and students helped to transform it into the amazing space it is today. A huge thank you to you all for your efforts in promoting the wellbeing of others.

Finally, Mrs Peacock has an update for us on yoga at the Learning Centre..

Most of the staff at the Learning Centre have attended the chair yoga training sessions and this week decided to share what they had learned with the Employability Pathway. The group started the lesson with a keep fit session, then Miss Hanmer ran the yoga session. The feedback from the students was that they loved the session and would like to do it again. They also said they felt more chilled out. This time they tried doing the basic moves so hopefully we can promote it further and get in more challenging positions next time!

Have a wonderful weekend, good luck England… and Scotland!


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