02 Jul

This has been a year like no other and we are continuing with more reflections and experiences of students from across the Learning Centre in this week’s blog.  Our Year 12 students are the first to share their thoughts..

  • Haider ~

Year 12 has been good. I like going out to the park and kicking balls with my PA Taz. I like Mr Thompson paying guitar, piano, drumming and singing. I liked washing the cars outside.

  • Rares ~

I like seeing all my friends in other classes and waving to them through the window. I like cooking lessons. I like being outside and looking at the vegetables and plants growing.

  • Ellie ~

I’ve liked learning about the Earth and the other planets. I’ve made new friends and talked to them everyday on Teams. I like lunchtimes with Miss Hanmer.

  • Pradeep ~

I miss people from New Bridge School. I’ve made new friends. I like running around outside in the gardens and I like playing tig. I like finding insects and learning about them.

  • Philip ~

There have been ups and downs and lefts and rights and it’s been crazy but I’m really happy being here at the Learning Centre. I missed all my friends during the lockdown so it was good to see everyone again and I liked seeing my friend Holly again. It’s been really good here at the Learning Centre and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot.

  • Kibria ~

Gardening has been my favourite lesson and I like making food. I like music lessons and playing the keyboard. I have enjoyed playing cricket with Mr Thompson. Washing cars was great and I’m looking forward to doing DofE next year.

  • Louis ~

I have liked doing lots of activities on my iPad and learning how to do lessons a different way. I have also enjoyed spending lots of time outside and walking around the gardens. I have liked being back with my friends again and playing Kurling in the hall when the weather was too bad to go out.

  • Kaneez ~

I have loved meeting new staff and being given lots of jobs to do. I never want to leave Year 12, it has been that good! I enjoy being with my friends in class and helping others wherever I can.

  • Almina ~

I have really enjoyed my lessons in Year 12 and loved doing work on Showbie on the iPads. I love doing jobs outside like litter collecting and just chilling out in the sunshine in activity time, chatting with my friends.

  • Alisha ~

I have LOVED playing football outside and developing my skills. I also have enjoyed making bug hotels for our mini beast topic and painting and designing artwork for our space topic. I have liked being together all the time as a class and really getting to know our teachers.

  • Suhab ~

I have enjoyed spending time outside and I really liked going to the park. I have also enjoyed our space topic.

  • Holly ~

Year 12 has been good. I liked sweeping up in our garage Ning lessons and spending lots of time outside.

Now our Year 13 students have their say..

  • Kyle ~

On returning to the Learning Centre in September, things were different. We had to come into college through a different door and sanitise our hands on arrival. I am still in the same classroom but I sit on my own, I don’t mind this. We have to keep our distance to keep each other safe. I am happy to be back. I have enjoyed the static model, felt happy about activities in the class. I have enjoyed being outside, doing exercises and being in nature. I love yoga too.

  • Shahmuneer ~

Things were different when we came back, I felt scared to be back but my teachers made me feel safe after speaking with them. I was excited to see some familiar faces like Miss Hanmer and my friends. I have missed being with my friends and mixing with them at break and activities. I have enjoyed working with different staff. I have enjoyed being outside and growing our vegetables. The recovery curriculum has allowed us to spend time outside playing games and being in nature which I love.

  • Anthony ~

I really missed my friends during lockdown especially Caitlin, it was hard being at home for so long. Things were different at college, not being able to be close to my friends was hard. We have to make space and wear masks, I didn’t like it at first but I’m used to it now. I have missed mixing with other students at break and activities. I have loved going outside playing games and being in nature. I have loved seeing ‘The Great Nit’ Mr Thompson every day.

  • Caitlin ~

Being back in college was great. I missed my friends so much! Things are different, I quickly got used to them. Hand, face, space!! I have missed socialising with my friends at break and lunch time. I have liked being with the same staff and enjoyed cooking. I love going outside playing games with my friends. I have enjoyed the last year. I like yoga, it makes me giggle.

  • Daniel ~

I was so excited to return to the Learning Centre. I couldn’t wait to see my mates. I was a bit nervous coming into a new class and also things were very different. The staff made me feel at ease. I have enjoyed making new friends during this last year as we had different students in our class during lockdown. I like the static model, it makes me feel settled. I have enjoyed going outside with my friends playing games, doing exercises in the hall, playing curling and yoga. I do miss seeing other students at break and lunchtime though.

Our Nurture Group students have also been sharing their feelings..

  • Ben ~

I was supposed to start at the Learning Centre but due to lockdown I wasn’t able to start but instead I used the iPad that the Learning Centre sent to me to do some online learning with video calls and some work. Since lockdown l have done lots of different activities, my favourite things are gardening, iPad and playing cricket.

  • Daniel ~

I started the Learning Centre in September due to COVID I had no transition. I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone to me class was very nice to me. I enjoyed doing social time, gardening and other activities. During lockdown I was in college not all my class was in, I did get to see them via video chat on Showbie. I did miss them all. Since lockdown we have done lots of different things such as Passport to the World which included virtual trip to Benidorm and Blackpool it was good. I have started my DofE Bronze and I will be camping this week I am really excited about this. I have made some good friends in my class and the staff are better than my old school. I am proud that I am on the school council.

  • Mariam ~

During locking I stayed at home and did my homework on my iPad via Showbie. I had video chats with my class and music chats with my class and did a quiz each week. I felt happy when I came back into college and could see all the teachers and my friends again. I am enjoying playing cricket and curling with my class. I’m glad we have started cooking again.

  • Aimee ~

When I came back in September there was lots of changes but I adopted well to them. When lockdown happened again I was only in college two days a week. This made me very confused. I missed my friends and staff members lots. I was very happy to be back at college helping with the gardening and watching newsround every morning.

  • Malcolm ~

When I came back in September there was lots of changes but I adopted well to them. When lockdown happened again I was only in college two days a week. This made me very confused. I missed my friends and staff members lots. I was very happy to be back at college helping with the gardening and watching newsround every morning.

  • Adam ~

On the first day at my new college I was very nervous because I didn’t know what it would be like but after the second lock down I was more comfortable about my new college and started doing funny voices because it always puts a smile on my friends’ faces. My favourite subjects so far are gardening, cooking and DofE. I have also made some good friends such as Mariam, Ben, Malcolm, Daniel, Aimee, and Chantelle.

We’ll leave you with 13AGE who have been working on PRIDE awareness and celebrating being individuals this week.  They have come up with a new classroom board to show the PRIDE Rainbow – we think it adds a great amount of colour into the classroom as well 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

The Learning Centre Team

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