20 Nov

This week’s blog is an amalgamation of ‘Children in Need’ and Kindness Week. Let’s start with last Friday’s ‘Children in Need’ day. As you can see from the pictures we had a great time!

Year 12 kicked off CIN day by going on the BBC iPlayer and joining in with the last 20 minutes of Joe Wicks’ 24 hour exercise marathon. They copied the moves and it got their heart rates up!

They also looked at the CIN website and read some stories about where our donations go to.

They made some Pudsey face masks which they wore for a class photo. Some of the students wanted to take them home for a younger brother or sister which was a kind thing to do.

  • Year 12s doing their Joe Wicks bit..

Year 13 Pudseys..

  • Now to Year 14..

Things were a little more energetic in the Nurture group (I would have joined if I’d have known of course!) The students all set a challenge to do linking to the Joe Wicks’ challenge. The girls did dance movements, Daniel and Malcolm exercise and Adam played a game.

All the Nurture Group staff donated for their challenges.

Students and staff in our Entitlement Base were equally busy for Children in Need..

On Children in Need Day, the students in EBase 1 participated in some fun activities. First, they got into the spirit of things by making a Pudsey Bear hat. The students cut out their own template and coloured it in using their choice of colours and design.

Once finished, the students wore their hats for the rest of the day..

The staff even got into the spirit of things and all wore their Pudsey ears..

After an enjoyable lunch, followed by Pudsey bear biscuits made by the kitchen staff, the students played games relating to Children in Need including “Bingo” and “I Spy”.

We all had a lovely day and all the students participated in the fun activities. Well Done EBase 1!

EBase 2 had a wonderful day too..

In EBase 2 we made a mosaic collage of Pudsey bear. Each student accepted hand over hand support to cut yellow card into small square pieces and red, green and blue card into small circle pieces, they then again accepted support to stick the card onto the picture to create our very own Pudsey bear. Thahmim enjoyed colouring his picture using pencil crayons.

EBase 2 also enjoyed decorating buns for children in need. They used yellow frosting and chocolate beans. All the students enjoyed the activity especially eating their cakes.

Miss Knox was really pleased with the IB Communication group. Logan, Faiza, Hussain, Tas, Leah and Aniqa designed and painted their own individual Pudsey face..

A big well done to everyone. I look forward to sharing with you how much we managed to raise within next week’s blog.

On Friday 13th November it was also World Kindness Day, followed by Anti-Bullying week the 16th – 20th November. At the Learning Centre we decided to turn Anti-Bullying week on its head and made it into Kindness Week. The students in the main body of the Learning Centre have had a really busy week carrying out a range of activities.

Firstly we learnt about what kindness actually is and why it is so important to be kind to ourselves, each other and the planet. An amazing fact is, that when we carry out an act of kindness, as well as making ourselves feel good, it also makes the person you are kind to feel good, and if you see anyone being kind, even if it’s not to you, it also makes you feel good. We learnt kindness can reduce stress and anxiety and make us happier and healthier. The students made a list of 5 acts of kindness to carry out throughout the week. We were also on the lookout to see who else we could notice being kind.

Next the students focused on themselves, writing on a jigsaw piece what was different and unique about themselves. They also completed an acrostic from the word RESPECT to help them remember strategies for self-care.

After looking at ways to be kind to ourselves we then looked at acts of kindness other people had carried out. The FA have payed homage to inspirational individuals who have gone above and beyond during the nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, so we chose to look at what these ‘Lionhearts’ had done to get nominated. We discovered some of them had been on the news over the lockdown period, such as Joe Wicks and Captain Sir Tom Moore. Everybody then chose their own everyday hero and wrote about why they inspired them.

To add a little bit of competition to the week each class has watched the new John Lewis Christmas advert and had to list all the acts of kindness they could see. I’ve been informed by staff that students were on a roll, shouting them out one after another, showing us just how much they understand about kindness, which is fantastic.

Finally we have looked at diversity, how being different and unique makes the Learning Centre a much more interesting place to be and that we should celebrate each other’s differences and not just tolerate them. We discussed that unfortunately it can be differences that cause someone to bully us, so we looked at ways to deal with this.

It has been amazing to see how much our young people have enjoyed the activities this week. We have truly banded together to make kindness the norm.

As always we’ll start with our amazing year 12’s!

We began with our work on CIN and discussed how we felt about helping children that we didn’t know and how that made us feel. The class felt that it was a very kind thing to do and the CIN activities were easy to join in with and made us all feel good.

Each student made a stained-glass heart to give to someone they cared for. Different people across the Learning Centre were touched to receive one.

I’d like to thank Pradeep for my lovely gift, it’s got pride of place in my office!

We watched some short films about kindness and how easy it is to spread a little kindness and happiness. The films prompted some really interesting conversations about performing small acts of kindness. This in turn led to each student keeping a simple diary where they recorded acts of kindness which they had showed to others. Ellie said that she had said thank you to her bus escort and this had made her escort smile. It’s the little things that count.

Each student and member of staff had a jigsaw piece on which they wrote at least three things about themselves that they like, some wrote five things. We discovered that it isn’t always easy to write positive things about yourselves. Every student and piece had different things written on it, we then put it together to represent our group. The puzzle shows how we are all different and yet fit together as a team.

The group thought about ‘being kind to yourself’ and showing respect to themselves, others and the environment. Each student came up with lots of good ideas about looking after themselves – self care and we made these in to acrostics. When we were outside gardening (taking care of our environment) and playing (taking care of ourselves) we talked about what we were doing and how it fitted in with our kindness work.

We went to the FA website for our next piece of work, heroes. We looked at the Lionhearts, twenty-three people who have done something amazing over the last few months. The group particularly enjoyed finding out about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his fundraising. The students then wrote about their personal heroes, everyday people who they admire. The work that the students produced was really thoughtful and kind.

We had a look at the new John Lewis advert which, conveniently for us, is all about spreading kindness. The students watched it over and over again to spot the many ways kindness was given and received by the characters in the advert.

The students have created their own kindness memos after researching kindness quotes on the internet.

..and finally Philip’s favourite quote..

Miss Hamner has been leading within Year 13 this week and they’ve been doing some amazing work, here’s a report on what they’ve been doing for Kindness Week.

Our class has really enjoyed doing the activities especially the competition! They loved spotting and shouting out the kindness acts. They have welcomed Joe and Cordelia with open arms and shown acts of kindness to them both. They have been dating the acts of kindness also and noticing when others in the class are being kind which is fab. I’m very proud of them all and have loved having new additions to the class.

Here’s a brief report from Miss Kindon:

The Nurture Group students have engaged really well with all the activities relating to kindness and the anti-bullying. They have done different acts of kindness during the week to others, self and planet. We have done a display board working together as a team. When we started students didn’t recognise self-care or understand the importance of self-care. I am glad to say they now do. Thank you for putting it all together, all the work was relevant to the students.

I’d like to finish by saying thank you to our amazing families for their continued support and understanding, especially as we’ve had to close two of our main body classes this week. Staff are in the process of dropping off iPads to enable students to work from home.

Please take care and stay safe.


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