27 Nov

As promised last week, the grand total raised by the Learning Centre for Children in Need was £105, a great team effort considering we had to do everything virtually!!

Last week our students once again showed their kind and caring nature through numerous acts of kindness. Here are just a few which we shared in today’s Learning Centre assembly. Firstly, to our Year 12s..

  • Noorul: being a real gentleman, opening doors for staff and students and getting a chair for Suhab
  • Ellie: asking her escort every morning how she is doing and ensuring she thanks her for bringing her in
  • Suhab: ensuring he holds the door open for everyone who needs it
  • Pradeep: helping his Mum do jobs at home and making his Dad a drink
  • Philip: spending time talking to Daniel at lunch times
  • Louis: being kind and making sure Haidar knew he was his friend
  • Kibria: being kind and nice to absolutely everyone
  • Kaneez and Alisha: helping out with lots of jobs at home.

Year 13..

  • The whole class: making Cordelia and Joe feel welcome within their class as they have been with them for the last two weeks until their class returned
  • The whole class: making Mr Foster feel welcome this week
  • Melissa: asking others how they are doing and feeling, asking others if they need help and praising people
  • Adeel: helping Kelsey to settle back into the Learning Centre and within class

Nurture Group..

  • The whole class for all their hard work over the last few months preparing the Staff ‘Wellbeing Garden’, including decorated wellbeing stones

I’d like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the Learning Centre staff for working so hard to make a nice relaxing area for staff, you’re all amazing!

  • Daniel for being kind and courteous in opening the gates for our IB students to enable IB students to access the gardens
  • Mariam, Daniel, Chantelle and Adam for being respectful to each other, using kind words and encouraging each other
  • Malcolm for listening more to others and holding the door open for people to come into the room
  • Chantelle for letting Angelica sit in the front of the taxi because it makes her happy!

Our students never fail to amaze and inspire me and they absolutely typify the New Bridge Values:


I’d like to share a beautiful quotation..

We continue to try and find creative ways for our students to engage and connect with each other, albeit virtually at present. Mr Thompson has been delivering Music sessions to our main body classes who are loving it, however because of the bubble structure he is only able to teach virtually to our Interactive and Entitlement bases. To try and bring students together we have been using technology to bring classes together both from within the Learning Centre and also from New Bridge School.

Continuing with the musical theme, students are also preparing their pieces for the virtual Christmas show and I look forward to sharing these with you soon.

We are also utilising technology to hold our Learning Centre assemblies and it’s lovely for classes to be able to see each other on their classroom screens, celebrate each other’s successes and have a whole Learning Centre rendition of Happy Birthday which rings out across the building! It is also providing a unique platform upon which students feel confident to speak up. A huge well done and thank you to everyone who took part today.

At the Learning Centre we strive to empower our students to be as independent as possible and today we were able to congratulate Adeel who has completed his travel training and today travelled to and from college independently for the first time. Well done Adeel, what’s next?

Acts of Kindness

Continuing the theme we started with of caring for others, I’d like to announce that this Christmas we are once again supporting ‘The Lighthouse Project’. One of the organisers is Neil Meuse from ‘The Brew Café’ next to Villages on Fitton Hill. Previously Learning Centre students regularly went up to the café as part of their curriculum offer, and some students have also been there on work experience placements. We feel it is important to support a local and worthwhile cause.

‘The Lighthouse Project’ was set up 12 years ago by Neil alongside the Salvation Army to provide hot food and food parcels for the homeless. In addition to hot food, they now have the capability to help with benefits, housing issues, job searches, food parcels, clothes parcels, vanity packs, tents and sleeping bags. They work all year round with young mums, the elderly, the homeless and those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Collections of tinned and dried foods are made all year round and all items are gratefully received.

This Christmas they are asking for our support in collecting extras like:

  • Chocolate treats
  • Gift sets for men and women / toiletries
  • Toys for all ages

We are asking for families and students to bring in any of the above items to help us make a difference to families in Oldham.

This year we are allowing students to bring in Christmas cards for their friends, however we will have to follow strict protocols to allow 72 hours between cards being brought in and then distributed. Please can I ask that cards are brought in on Monday mornings, they will then be stored in a box until Friday when staff (wearing gloves!) will distribute to classes. We feel that we need to bring as much Christmas cheer as possible this year and I’m confident we can do this safely.

Please take care and stay safe all and have a nice weekend.


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