22 Jan

This week’s blog is full of amazing pictures which really speak for themselves so I don’t really need to say too much!

I’d like to thank families for sharing with us what students have been up to at home and Mrs McDonald would like to share what Thahmim and Tyler from E-Base 2 have been up to:

Thahmim has been practising spelling his name, writing words relating to our story, joining in the music session with Mr Thompson, and completing some art worksheets. Tyler has been listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, exploring playdough and creating various letters, joining in the music session and engaging in geo peg activities.

Zion joined us for the first time this week during Mr Thompsons music session, he was supported at home by his PAs, everyone within EBase 2 was really happy to see him and we think he was happy to see us. We are hopeful that he will join in again next week.

This week Mrs Keane would like to give a special mention to Melissa who offered to help Ellie, without being asked, when we played Kurling. Melissa was really kind and kept checking that Ellie was ok with the slide and the positioning of it. Well done Melissa, a credit to the Learning Centre!

Mr Blackman always gets active with his students, and this week’s pictures have a DIY/ Horticulture theme. Jason has been really busy designing, measuring, cutting and assembling bird tables. Here we have Jason putting together a bird table ready for The RSBP BIG BIRD WATCH coming soon all the info is on their website here if you would like to join in.

Our Year 14 and Employability students have also been busy potting up Aloe Vera plants..

Our IB students have been involved in lots of sensory activities:

As part of our theme ‘Alice in Wonderland’ we have made some flower potions, we gathered leaves and herbs from outside and mixed them with water and small amounts of perfume to make them smell fabulous..

Mrs Brierley and the guys have also been getting creative as she explains!

As part of our theme, Alice in Wonderland, we also made some flowers for our display, and added small amounts of perfume to make them smell lovely.

The aroma in the classroom was beautiful, well done guys.

Continuing with our IB group, students have also been getting a taste of camping! This is a continuation of the activities Mr Taylor was doing before Christmas:

The group are in the dark recreating the DofE experience, helping the students to get a feel of what it might be like camping on a Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition (when we can finally go out again!)

We even had our very own indoor camp fire (not real, I promise!). The different branches and herbs helped to enhance the sensory experience in smelling like a forest, I could have stayed all day! Unfortunately I’d missed the ‘roasting marshmallows over the fire’ bit! I’ll plan it better next time!

During the IB Music session I was delighted to see Adam and Joseph who joined in the singing! I don’t need asking twice to join in a song!! The students really love using the iPads to catch up with their friends, they are proving invaluable at the moment as a way for everyone to stay connected.

I’d like to stay with the IB group and say a massive thank you to them all for letting me join their Yoga session this morning, I’d just like to say to those staff who are questioning whether I did and that there’s no evidence… I was the one behind the camera! I’ll come again Mrs Brierley but please can we do an easier one next time, my legs are still aching. Well done to the whole team! As you can see, both staff and students joined in enthusiastically!

As many of you may know I have a passion for Art, and the Nurture Group have been getting ‘Arty’ with Mr Taylor.

The Nurture Group have been exploring some aspects of the pop art movement of the 1960’s, particularly the portrait work of the artist Artist Andy Warhol, who would produce multi prints of celebrities in bright colours. Using inspiration from Warhol and images that they found interesting they have created their own amazing responses.

I think you’ll agree, the pictures are amazing. I can’t wait to get them all displayed within our Art Gallery! Also, space on the wall in my office guys!!

Continuing with the creative theme, our Year 12 and 13 group have been creating some lovely artwork within their art lessons. They had a choice whether to make a rainbow or a heart, for the NHS. The students were also looking at different colour palettes and mixing the palettes. Well done Anthony, Melissa and Rares.

I’d like to close with a message of encouragement and reassurance to families. Please don’t worry if you are struggling to access live sessions or the work provided, I know many of you continue to engage with students in so many ways including arts and crafts, cooking and baking, gardening and exercise to name but a few. There are also lots of additional online resources which we will continue to share. Please remember:

  • You are doing a great job in difficult circumstances
  • Your child is not falling behind everyone else, they are exactly where they should be!

Thank you to those families who have expressed an interest in attending our virtual Parents Group, please let us know if you’d like to join.

Here are just a couple of resources for families you might find helpful:

Take care and stay safe all,


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