26 Feb

For this week’s blog I’d like to focus on sharing some important information following this week’s announcement on the wider opening of schools and colleges on 8th March.

I have to start by saying how much the staff team and myself are looking forward to welcoming our students back to the Learning Centre once again, it will be so lovely to see you all again!

Staff have been busy this week contacting all our families where students are currently at home, explaining the plans for the Learning Centre wider opening and information on additional protocols which are now in place including:

Face masks

  • Government guidance suggests that all students and staff wear face coverings not just on corridors but also in classrooms and other teaching spaces. We acknowledge that this may be inappropriate for some of our students and they may be exempt from wearing a face covering (as set out in Government guidance). If your child will wear a mask, can we ask that you please make sure they are equipped with this on their return to school. We will work with families on an individual basis so please raise any concerns you have with the staffing team during your welfare calls.

I appreciate that this may cause some concern, however it is worth mentioning that this protocol has been in place at the Learning Centre for all those students who returned in January and we have experienced no real issues.

Parent/Carer and taxi drop off and pick up

At the start of term, we amended the start and end times for families and taxis in order to reduce congestion and adhere to social distancing. The following arrangements will continue until further notice:

  • Please drop off at 9am and collect at 3pm
  • Please wear a face mask when dropping off and picking up your child
  • Markings are in place to assist with social distancing. Please ensure you follow these markings when dropping off and picking up
  • Please do not wait in clusters.

We will be notifying transport as to which students will be returning on the 8th. Local Authority transport will continue to drop off at 8.45am and collect at 3.10pm.

This week we have received additional guidance around Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) for our students. We have been informed that schools should make lateral flow testing available for asymptomatic people, available for those consenting to this.

Due to the complex nature and needs of our students we understand that there are of course additional issues to be taken into consideration and for some LFTs may not be appropriate. We are therefore asking our families to decide whether they wish for their child to participate in LFT which would need to take place within the home twice a week.

What is a Lateral Flow Test?

  • “Lateral flow device testing is a fast and simple way to test people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19, but who may still be spreading the virus. In some circumstances lateral flow tests can also be used for other diagnostic tasks. The tests are easy to use and give results in 30 minutes. Those who test positive must immediately self-isolate to avoid passing the virus on to others.”

For more information regarding this please visit:


To aid in our planning and risk assessment, we are asking that all families complete a survey sent via the Parent App to indicate whether they wish for their child to undertake LFT at home. Please could I request that this is completed by Monday 1st March. Test kits will need to be collected from the Learning Centre and signed for by a parent or carer

This afternoon, we also sent out a letter to all our families containing all the information above.

If you have any questions around either the wider opening or LFTs, please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Centre.

I do understand that some of our students and their families may feel nervous about returning to the Learning Centre after over two months at home. I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the health and safety of all our students and staff remains our paramount concern and informs our planning and risk assessments.

I’d like to share a few comments from some of our students who are so looking forward to seeing their friends again. They would like to reassure those students who may feel nervous. Firstly from our Year 12 and 13 students..

Here are our pictures with masks on to say it’s safe to return, we all had our thumbs up 👍

My name is Daniel, I am in the Nurture group at the Learning Centre.
If feel you worried about returning, you don’t need to because it is very safe and also you can talk to staff with any concerns.
Since we came back in January we have to wear masks or a visor unless your exempt. Sometimes I wear a mask I have break and wear visor which are available. When outside you and eating don’t to need wear a mask.
I feel very safe as I follow the guidelines that have been put in place. Staff also remind about social distancing and washing hands all the time.
If you have any worries about COVID, restrictions, lockdown, or coping you can speak to staff at any time.
Stay save everyone.

Here is a wonderful video from Kausar from Ms Thornhill’s Entitlement Base, go Kausar!


And here are the rest of the group showing how well they’re doing wearing their masks!

Mrs Brierley wanted to share some photos from yesterday afternoon when IB joined in with the Live Music Now session on Facebook..

“It was really good fun and everyone enjoyed it!”

Posted by New Bridge Multi Academy Trust schools, Horizons & Future Finders on Friday, 26 February 2021


You can join in with the next live Facebook session on Thursday at 2pm here. Live Music Now also have a new online library of videos of a range of performances and inclusive musical activities designed to be accessible for young people with additional learning needs. They all provide opportunities to join in and learn new things about music and you can view them here.

I’d like to finish by sharing some words of wisdom from one of our Year 13 Nurture Group students, Aimee:

I was really excited to come back because I missed being in and seeing my friends. I was worried about other students and kept wondering if they were well and safe.

I asked Aimee what she’d say to someone else who may be feeling anxious about coming back in, she said,

It’s completely normal to feel worried and it’s ok to feel like that, but once you settle in all those nerves will go away and all you will feel is it’s like another home and another family.

Please do remember that if you have any questions we are here to help. We will be speaking to a number of families who have already requested further information so please do not hesitate in getting in contact if you have any concerns. Can I assure you that we will continue to support families on an individual basis and work through what is best for our students.

Have a lovely weekend,


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