01 Apr

What a wonderful end to a very busy term! We’ve looked at ‘A Passport to the World’ which included researching different countries and cities. The students and staff have worked hard all term and have enjoyed all the different activities we have been doing, all of which were celebrated in a production in the final weeks of the term.

E-Base, 14TBN and 13AGE all helped to produce wonderful, colourful suitcases and E-Base also produced bunting. NGCKN made props to use for visits to Blackpool and Benidorm.

Miss Kindon did a brilliant job of checking each student in, checking passport, weighing cases and giving them their boarding pass.

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Robinson, an ex air-crew member in the Learning Centre. She did a fantastic job of showing the students the safety demonstration required on an airplane.

The first stop was to Benidorm and upon arrival each student was served with a cocktail which was actually a tropical soft drink.

Some students spent time in the ‘pool’ doing water-aerobics and just cooling down. Other students danced whilst other just relaxed.

On the trip to Blackpool, students were able to get their pictures taken through a hole in a board with a dress and a mophead for hair..

They had a brilliant time making sandcastles, playing in a pool and finishing off the trip with an ice cream or lolly..

There was even live entertainment!


A big thanks must go to the NGCKN students, especially Daniel and Maryam for being involved every day, setting up the areas each day for Benidorm and Blackpool and clearing them away when the groups had finished.

At the beginning of next term, we will be finishing off the topic by taking a cruise to Russia. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood has been recreated during the first half term by a combined group of EMPVPK and 14TBN. We are looking forward to it and know this will be as successful as the trips we have made this term.

Have a wonderful Easter break, we will see everyone back on Monday 19th April.

The Learning Centre Staff Team

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