30 Apr


This is John Barker doing this week’s Learning Centre blog. It seems to me that the weeks are flying by. It is so lovely to see the weather improving – I am taking the opportunity to improve my very rusty golf game! If anyone has any spare golf balls they would be greatly appreciated.

Just a reminder that the Learning Centre is closed this Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May. The Learning Centre will also be closed on Thursday 6th May in order to ensure the safe operation of the polling station and to limit the potential risks to staff and students. On Thursday, staff will ensure that there is remote education in place for all students for the day and the college will reopen as normal on Friday 7th May for all students. I do apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause families, especially as we have only just reopened. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that this decision has not been taken lightly; to maintain our strict COVID protocols around visitors and reducing potential ‘contacts’, we feel we have no option but to close the college. The overriding principle at the Learning Centre remains to ensure the safety of all our staff and students.

It has been a really busy week at the Learning Centre and the groups have been really keen to share with you what they have been doing..

  • IB1SNT ~ We have started our new theme focusing on Space and our ‘Trip to the Moon’. Great work so far making lots of art using the computer, starting to make our rocket and exploring our sensory story in the ILS.

  • IB COMMS 1 ~ We have been extremely busy in IB COMMS 1 this week. We have been exploring the theme of Treasure Island. We’ve been digging for gold and have been making more bird feeders.

  • IB COMMS 2 ~ Here’s a picture of us standing behind the planets we made this week following our ‘Space’ theme. We learnt about the names, colours, and order of the planets from the sun. Then we used polystyrene balls and covered them with glue and tissue paper. 

  • 13AGE ~ We have been creating our own plant markers for the garden. This week we have planted out a selection of lettuce, golden beetroot, Swiss chard, peas and radish. We will also be growing some Nasturtiums to try as edible flowers – watch this space for the progress! Here you can see some of us watering the plants into their new homes.

  • 14TBN ~ This week we have been working on making bird scaring gadgets to help protect the onion sets we have been planting, these consist of canes cut to size and tied with wire to make an A frame. We put this over the onions and then tied on canes along the top of the frame, then attached a cd disc that will move in the breeze and hopefully scare the crows away.

  • Nurture Group ~ This week we have really enjoyed being able to get back out into the local community. We have been able to do Outdoor Ed for the first time since before Christmas! We really enjoyed our visit to Tandle Hills.

  • EBase 2 ~ We have had quite a busy week this week. Our theme this term is Rumble in the Jungle. All the students have enjoyed listening to the story and exploring the sensory boxes. We have also made a start on our display this week, we are currently making the Giraffe, Gorilla and Tiger using safari tissue paper. The students have also been creating various animal masks, trees and grass. During our morning routine Thahmim, Wany and Huan are encouraged to sign the days of the week which they have all worked really well on. Well done guys. Huan and Wany have been learning how to spell their names and also some number recognition during Maths. Moinur, Tylor, Joe and Umar have all participated in their work this week which has included a playdoh session creating numbers and letters, communication and colour sorting. Well done everyone!

  • EBase 1 ~ This week, the students have helped the Nurture Group by decorating the Wellbeing Garden with some outdoor decorations that we have made in class. We painted some wheel trims to look like flowers and attached them to wooden poles. We also used some plastic rings that had been part of the old lighting at the Learning Centre, to create spinners to hang in the trees. The students in The Nurture Group told us where they would like them and Zachariah, Sarah, Junaid, Usayd and Suleman placed them in the correct place, using a hammer to knock the poles into the ground.

The Wellbeing Garden looks beautiful. A big thank you to Miss Kindon and her class, from Ebase, for allowing us to help decorate the lovely garden you have created.

  • 12AKE ~ This week 12AKE have been making seed bombs. Following instructions from the RHS we mixed compost, water, flour and wildflower seeds together. Everyone loved getting messy.

  • EMPVPK ~ This week the Employability Group have been looking at confidentiality, how important it is for everyone, and how these skills transfer into the workplace. We have discussed how people’s personal information is stored securely and how we must not share our personal information with others. We have tidied up a cupboard needed for our group and have seen how anything containing a person’s name, personal details, or photograph is disposed of safely and not just thrown in the normal waste bin. All the group have individually emptied a file and separated normal documents into the regular recycling bins and any documents containing personal information into the blue confidential waste bins. We have looked at where the confidential waste bins are located, how often they are emptied and how we pay to have this waste removed. The group have enjoyed doing this task and some have asked us if they can do more administrative work whilst in this group.

We have been lucky to see the return of Mrs Wilkinson into our group and we are all happy to see her back with us. It’s going to be a busy term so I hope we don’t wear her out! Miss Worrad did a fantastic job covering her whilst she was shielding and I think our group have been very lucky to have been supported by her during that time.

Have a lovely weekend,


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