14 May

Our governing body makes a valuable contribution to our pupils’ education, opportunities and futures.  As a team, they provide strategic leadership and accountability that drives the continuous improvement of our school. They do this in three ways:

  • Monitoring the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent
  • Holding the senior leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Ensuring the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school is clear.

To be effective, it’s important that the governing body has a good blend of knowledge, skills and experience along with a balanced and diverse set of views and backgrounds.  For this reason, on Monday, I spent time with our Chair of Governors, Cathy Williams, reviewing information from a recent skills and experience audit completed by each of our governors.  The activity helped us to think about how we can further strengthen the governing body both through training and development for our existing governors and the recruitment of new governors with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to complement those of our current governing body.

With this in mind, if you’re interested in joining our governing body, please do get in touch.  Being a school governor is a challenging but hugely rewarding role. You don’t have to be one of our parents and there is no requirement for you to understand the education system, just the necessary skills, character and time to contribute. There is plenty of training available to help you learn about education. We need and benefit from a range of professional knowledge on OUr governing body including education, finance, human resources, legal, marketing and public relations, property and estates management, and organisational change.

As a governor, you will be able to:

  • use your own experience of education and life beyond school to inform conversations
  • develop and utilise your skills in a board-level environment
  • make a valuable contribution to education and your community
  • support and challenge the school so that it improves for pupils and staff
  • bring your unique experiences, perspectives and insights into decision-making in the interests of the school community

You will also be joining the largest volunteer force in the country: there are over a quarter of a million volunteers governing state funded schools in England!  You can find out more about the role of a governor here.

Back in the classroom, and this week we’re featuring Mrs Parkinson’s Year 9 group.  Over to you Mrs P!

9APN have been busy this week! In Learning for Life, we have been working together, turn taking and developing our social skills using educational games. In fact, working collaboratively in different settings has been our focus for the week.

We love our weekly PE lesson, where we join up with 8MHF. We have a great time exercising and keeping fit, as well as learning the rules of several games. We have learnt the rules for basketball, dodgeball and cricket!

Back in the classroom, we continued to develop our communication skills, this time in Science. We discussed the environment then designed our own places to live. Working in teams, we decided what features we would like on our individual island. We really enjoyed this topic. It allowed us to get creative too! Here are some of our fabulous environments.

The pupils in Bubble 1 joined forces to compete in a full day of ‘Taskmaster’ activities. Pupils were divided into three separate teams with a teaching assistant as coach and captain. Pupils took part in various activities that were designed to support their communication, engagement, teamwork, gross and fine motor skills. Tasks included making balloon animals, a tea bag in a cup challenge, fishing water beads out of a bowl with tweezers and a team relay egg and spoon obstacle race. It was really pleasing to see pupils from 9APN engaging with new peers and working together to solve the different problems. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils and it was wonderful to see the fun each pupil had.

Until next week, take care and stay safe.


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