11 Jun

This week we’re featuring the learning and achievement of not one, but three of our fantastic Year 7 groups but before we do, I’ve got an update from Mrs Newport on the progress of their fabulous community café.  Over to you Mrs Newport:

Anyone that follows our New Bridge School Facebook page will be aware that the Community Living Pathway pupils have been working hard each Wednesday developing their employability skills in their very own make-shift café.  This week and last, they were finally able to invite pupils from within our ‘bubble’ to join us!  Thanks to our friends in the Digit4ll Pathway for being our guinea pigs last week and helping us work out any issues during our ‘soft launch’, your patience and feedback was very much appreciated.

This week we welcomed our friends in the Lumenus Pathway.  The pressure was really on as the café filled up and orders came flooding in.  All of our preparation paid off however as every single member of the Community Living team stepped up and absolutely nailed it!

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The staff were incredibly proud of the professionalism demonstrated by each member of the team.  It is always pleasing to be able to step back and watch our pupils working independently and this week we have been blown away by the progress and confidence of the pupils.  Special mentions this week have to go to Rose for being the most attentive host and to Oliver and Zahra for keeping the orders flying out even when they began to mount up.  Delfim and Alex excelled as our waiters and Nicole, Hasnain and Levi worked tirelessly as our kitchen porters making sure the Barista team were supported.  We’re all looking forward our friends from the Activ8 Pathway joining us next week!

So, Year 7, show us what you’ve got!

This week, Mr Hollinworth’s class have been enjoying making the most of the lovely weather. We have completed our daily mile challenge every day, enjoyed a game of rounders against Mrs Grogan’s class and also had a lovely afternoon cycling at Wheels for All in Alexandra park. In class, we have continued to focus on 2D shapes and African safaris, but the highlight of our week was when we rounded off our topic on volcanoes. For the past few weeks, we have been learning about how volcanoes are formed, their different parts and the after effects of a volcanic eruption. We have also watched videos of real volcanoes erupting and how the landscape changes afterwards and how wildlife habitats are affected.

We then researched how to make a model volcano and made a list of all the items we would need. We then collected the different parts we would need: plastic bottles, card board, newspapers (thank you to Mrs Stubbs for bringing some in for us 👍🏻) sticky tape, PVA glue, paints and paint brushes. Once we had everything we needed, we got into three groups and over the next couple of weeks, embarked on the big build!

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Once the volcanoes were made, painted and had been made waterproof with PVA glue, we were ready to make them erupt! We took our models outside, along with red food colouring, baking powder and white vinegar and began our experiments!

First, we tested the amount of baking powder and vinegar we would need in a cup. When we thought we knew the best amounts of each to use, we began to load our volcanoes! Volcano one erupted well and made a lot of bubbly foam!

Volcano number two was a little better than number one. It made a lot of red foam which came out of the volcano faster and higher. It made some bigger bubbles too.

Volcano number three made the best eruption! By now, we had worked out the perfect ratio of baking powder and vinegar. The foam exploded out and went really high! It even covered us in red foam! Thank goodness it wasn’t real lava!!! 😄

We have had lots of fun this week, both indoors and when we have taken the classroom outdoors.  Mr Hollinworth and Mrs Cockcroft are proud of all of the hard work and effort the whole class have put into their work this week but want to give a special mention to two pupils in particular for their amazing WOW moments.

Firstly, R.U. for his outstanding commitment to reading and exploring books on Epic! He is even logging on at home and reading for pleasure in his own time! He has completed a whopping sixty-eight books! Well done! 👏🏻

And secondly, Macie, for independently choosing to teach herself to tie her own shoe laces. Not only is she determined to master this skill, but she is even using her own free time to follow YouTube videos and practise. Well done Macie!

7LHA have worked incredibly hard, considering it is our first week back after half term. We were extremely excited to complete our work around volcanoes. We experimented by changing the temperature of the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda solution to see if it changed our results. Look at those eruptions!


We have further developed our understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships by discussing how it can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable when we are placed in situations when we need to implement personal boundaries. It would appear we have some strong-willed young people who feel confident in saying no. They created a top tips poster giving details of some of their personal boundaries.

On Thursday, we focused on understanding, listening to each other and stepping into someone’s shoes when we took part in Empathy Day. We incorporated our daily mile into our learning and went on an empathy walk. We used the impressive video from the song ‘Waiting all Night’ by Rudimental as a stimulus. We also looked at poems all about empathy on Borrowbox called ‘Bright Bursts of Colour’. We delved into the main characters in our class novel ‘Danny the Champion of the World’. Danny’s father has fallen down a 6-foot pit and has injured his ankle. We were able to empathise with him. We could put our empathy in to action by practising our nursing skills and applying bandages.

Michael Morpurgo stated that ‘if we can learn anything at all, it should be empathy’. We all agree.

We are very excited at the kick-off of the ‘UEFA EURO 2020’. Miss Ball and I will be looking for anything good to reward each table Euro 2020 stickers for their sticker books. We will also be following an amazing live story with the author Tom Palmer. The story will be published in 12 chapters between June 11th and July 7th. It will be written the night before the morning of publication and will be influenced by the events on the pitch as well as off the pitch at host venues.

We have been enjoying our Summer term so far here in 7HJY, especially now the weather is brightening up! Before the half term break, we began a remote drama workshop with Ben from The Coliseum, focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. During our workshops, we had lots of fun making shapes with our bodies, practising lots of different faces and learning to make ‘freeze-frames’ of scenes from the story. We also acted out and recorded the ‘Verruca Salt’ scene, with Nimra giving a fantastic performance as Verruca Salt, Vincent as Willy Wonka and the rest of the class as Charlie and his grandpa and the Oompa Loompas!

To get back onto the swing of things, the class continued with our English topic – Jack Stalwart: The Puzzle of the Missing Panda. The class have worked extremely hard looking at using adjectives to describe and making origami pandas, as well as remembering all those tricky words!

Our class have also been working hard on road safety during our daily mile walk each day. We have been practising to Stop! Look! Listen! each time we come to a crossing as we walk along the route to make sure that we can stay safe around school but also in our daily life outside of school.

Finally, we started our volcano experiment project this week! We have learned about what volcanoes are and have been honing our artistic and fine motor skills by starting to build our very own volcanoes in class using papier mache – which we are very excited to paint – and then conduct the experiment to see them erupt!

Until next week, take care stay safe.


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