09 Jul

Whilst many of us are hoping football will come home this weekend, it’s certainly arrived at New Bridge School, with the prospect of England winning their first major tournament since 1966 getting everyone very excited.  England’s performance so far has been a source of inspiration for our many of us and the teachers have been weaving the theme of football and Euro 2020 into their teaching.  Whether it’s been artistic creations, mathematical sweepstakes, PE lessons with penalty shootouts or learning sign language to sign your support, it’s really engaged the pupils in their learning.  You can check out examples on our Facebook page where you can also learn how to chant your support for England during tonight’s game using sign language.

This week we’re focusing on the learning and achievement of our Key Stage 4 Pathway groups.

Miss Patchett’s Living Skills Pathway

What have KPT been up to this term? Let’s have a look…

Firstly, in Life Skills, we have been learning about the importance of looking after ourselves and staying safe. This has included topics on road safety, “safer strangers” and healthy eating. Although we have not been able to go out in the community and look at different road crossings, we have been practising the Green Cross Code on our daily mile challenge, making sure we use the crossings in the school grounds correctly and safely. We have also produced some excellent theoretical work which highlights our understanding.

Keeping with the theme of staying safe, the class have learnt about the difference between strangers and safer strangers. The pupils participated in role play with different scenarios and created a display in the classroom to demonstrate their knowledge.

Healthy eating proved to be a popular topic where the class looked, smelt and tasted a variety of healthy foods. We learnt about the five food groups, the eat well plate and finished by creating our very own tasty healthy snack.

The class have also been working on the theme of kindness and how they demonstrate and apply this quality to others. We watched the film WONDER and used this an illustration of how to be a good friend. All the pupils enjoyed the film and could relate to the different characters. We created a display on the corridor which portrayed our acts of kindness and friendship.

In Maths, the class have been extremely busy working on fractions and money. We have used a range of different media and activities to help expand our knowledge in these subject areas.

  • Fractions: to help us understand the concepts of half, thirds and quarters, we made pizza, where we sliced them into pieces to represent the different fractions.

  • Money: the class have been recognising the different coins and their values using the iPads, role play and paper-based sessions. All these different activities have helped us gain greater understanding of the topic. All the pupils have worked really hard on their targets, and we are so proud of their achievements.

Finally, as we prepare to say our goodbyes and get ready to start our new adventures, we have been working on our transitions. This has involved us participating in virtual tours and having the opportunity to visit the Learning Centre, where we have looked around our new environment and met staff and friends, both new and old.

We would just like to say a massive well done to all the students in KPT who have continued to work hard this term and produce some outstanding results. Have a lovely summer !

Miss Pilgrim’s Lumenus Pathway

Wow! This term has been extremely busy for Lumenus. The pupils have achieved so much in such a brief period.

Firstly, all pupils are on course to pass their English Entry Level 1 Functional Skills Award in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening – subject to external verification. In English, the pupils are also piloting a new online reading scheme. The scheme has been enjoyable but most importantly improved all the pupils’ reading levels. Many of the pupils have hit a fantastic marker of reading 10,000 words. They are the first to become our 10,000 Word Wizards.

Secondly, in Maths, Lumenus have been working on money and using their skills at the Communication Living café every Friday. Pupils have gained a greater awareness of the value of money and how different costs are associated with items of different values. Year 11 Lumenus pupils have also entered their Maths Functional Skills Entry Level 1 with a predicted 99% pass rate. We have also had two pupils hoping to achieve their Maths Entry Level 2 this term.

Finally, this term we have also been working on our WJEC accreditation Entry Level 2 ‘Using the Voice & Body in a Dramatic Context’. I am extremely pleased to inform you that all Lumenus KS4 pupils successfully completed their work with a 100% pass rate. Pupils have worked exceptionally hard to complete and pass their accreditation and have had so much fun in doing so. Pupils had to explore how characters would feel and react to different feelings and emotions. Lumenus definitely has some stars in the making that could be walking the cobbles of Corrie! Here are some of our great actors in action..

“You listen to me”

“Well, I never!”

“So fed up with it all!”


“Right Turn! 1,2,3, 4!”

“Put a little more effort in, it’s not moving”

So proud with all you have achieved, Lumenus KS4. ~ Miss. Pilgrim

Mrs Grogan’s Digit4ll Pathway..

What a great term it’s been for DIGI1! It was so lovely to see how excited everyone was on my return from maternity leave, at the start of May – although the pupils do miss Mrs Strong, who looked after them so well. Since my return, we have been very busy! The group worked so hard with their qualification work to ensure this was ready to send off to the exam board, and they have been rewarded by earning their qualification this year. Well done everyone!

Since then, we have been looking at web design. Some of the pupils have really got into this and have spent a lot of their spare time making this the best it can be. Please see Edward’s and Musa’s websites for an example of the fantastic work that’s been carried out!

You can also visit Musa’s website here. They’ve been so dedicated to this work. Well done boys.

In learning for life, we have been talking about some really important topics including mental health, healthy eating and personal space. We have linked these topics in our English lessons. Aadil, Chey and Macauley have produced some fantastic pieces of work in this area and really came out of their shell in the speaking and listening tasks.

In Maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting with large numbers. Some pupils then moved on to times tables and did lots of different challenges. Everyone did well with these, but Seeraj was truly amazing! She’s worked so hard in Maths this term. Well done Seeraj.

We have also been doing lots of positive relationship building activities within the group, such as card games, having hot brews and having parties to celebrate the end of term and our Year 11s leaving.

We have been staying active with PE, our daily mile and some great games of football too. (Tom and I always seem to be on the winning side – what a team we make!) Will, Brendon, Subhaan and Miss Munsaf have also been developing their football skills! Well done to you all!

Miss Munsaf and I will miss you all so much. Good luck and keep up the fantastic work everyone. Mrs Grogan xx

Miss Silvester and Mrs Begum’s Living Skills Pathway

This academic year has seen various ways of working explored. Pupils have engaged in virtual learning, face to face and a combination of both. KS4TSR/KBM have adapted to these changes brilliantly, and we are so proud of how they worked and the targets they have achieved.

Our first topic this year was Dr Seuss’s The Lorax. Pupils engaged in a sensory story and learnt about the different characters and themes running through it. They created some beautiful art work and engaged in an array of cross curricular topics, ranging from Decades to country based learning like China.

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The Beatles was our theme for the spring term. The majority of pupils worked remotely at this time, but some accessed face to face teaching. Pupils engaged in activities linked to London and Liverpool, as well as creating art work in the style of Andy Warhol. We found famous landmarks associated with Liverpool and facts linked to the Beatles themselves. We created our very own Cavern Club and performed Beatles songs using our signs.

This term we have worked on ‘Around the World in 80 days’ as our theme. We have visited various countries and learnt about their cultures, landmarks and foods. Pupils have accessed a variety of activities, including creating a French bistro, dancing like an Egyptian and hunting for landmarks in rice, pasta and sand!

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Pupils have worked really hard on their individual targets and completed activities linked to time, days of the week and communication skills. In such a disrupted year, they have produced some amazing work and showed some fantastic progress in numerous areas.

Mrs Newport’s Community Living Pathway

As we move into the Summer term the community living pathway have been making the most of the good weather. We have been accessing the school grounds..

..and have finally been able to access the community! We have been doing weekly trips to the local supermarket in our living skills lessons, practising road safety and independently purchasing items at the till. The class have demonstrated excellent maturity throughout their visits.

When in the classroom the pupils have been putting lots of effort into a top secret project, the photos below might give you a clue what this could be. Don’t worry it won’t be a secret for much longer, we look forward to sharing more with you in a couple of weeks time.

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Have a great weekend, hope you all enjoy watching the final tonight.

Until next week, take care stay safe.


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