05 Jul

This week played host to our annual Sports Awards Evening, a celebration of our pupils’ sporting achievements over the past year. Sporting activity is fundamental to the curriculum in our school. It supports our pupils’ physical development and promotes an active healthy lifestyle. It allows our children to play together and have fun. It also helps them develop skills and qualities such as communication and teamwork, confidence and resilience, concentration, perseverance and self-discipline. These are skills and qualities that not only underpin success in sport, but success in life and on Thursday night, our pupils showcased these skills and qualities in spades. From running to rowing, cricket to curling, or tag rugby to table tennis, our pupils demonstrated their engagement with, and enjoyment of, a whole range of sports. Not only that, it highlighted the frequent opportunities our children get to play these sports in world class sporting facilities here in the North West, whether it is Old Trafford Cricket Club, Manchester United training ground, Manchester Tennis and Football Centre or Manchester City Football Club. So, a huge well done to all the pupils on receiving their awards, truly well-deserved and a reminder to us all of what hard work, grit and determination can achieve.

All this is made possible by the passion and commitment of our PE Team here at New Bridge; so a big thank you to the team for the continued enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement they give to our pupils every day. Without their firm belief that all children should have access to high quality physical education and their desire to make this happen, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog highlighting the sporting opportunities available to our pupils, the quality of the offer they receive and the outstanding progress they make as a result.

Our Living Skills team would also like to celebrate all the hard work our pupils have been putting in to their lessons this term, as Mrs Crook explains..

Year 7 have been busy this term learning about all things Dairy. We have learnt all about animal welfare and farming and have made lots of lovely dishes to take home. The fruit tartlets were beautiful and the cheese cake was a definite hit!!

Mrs Fennelly’s class and AB3 have also been working on our mashing, grating and mixing skills..


Year 8 and Miss Bickerstaff’s class have been doing a bread topic, learning how wheat is grown and processed and a bit about the science of yeast. We have made soda bread, dinner rolls and lovely garlic bread pizza… all of which has resulted in us having a bunch of budding bakers with top notch kneading skills..


Year 9 and Miss Eouzan’s Nurture Group have started to learn about professional food preparation and how important it is to stick to the 4C’s – we turned the kitchen red last week to demonstrate how easily cross-contamination can occur if you are not careful. We have prepared some tricky raw meat dishes but the students have all done amazingly well. Most were rather squeamish the first time they had to dice raw chicken, or skin sausages, however the scotch eggs, chicken kebabs and chicken fajitas were awesome… and I assume quite tasty… as they didn’t last long!!

Year 10 have been perfecting their knife skills, Mrs Parkinson now has a class of very competent prep chefs with all of the students getting their veg prep up to speed..

..and working with great confidence at the hob!


The Year 11s have been equally successful in the kitchen, using those same preparation skills to produce some very tasty dishes..

Pathways have been treated to a term of baking, we thought the Year 11s deserved something nice to look forward to in between all their exams!?
They have been learning to cream, fold, whisk and most impressively pipe, producing beautiful chocolate coated meringues..


..and delicate Viennese biscuits..


Big mention also to Ethan, Morgan, Joseph, Thomas, Jude, Kai and Sarah for passing their Level 2 Basic Food hygiene qualification. Super proud guys!!

Have a good week,


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