06 Nov

Our focus on learning and achievement this week brings us to our new Key Stage 4 Community Living Pathway. Mrs Newport will reveal all!

Now normally, I would usually take you through a few highlights from around the school first. This week however, we’ve been making use of our new Facebook page and posting these highlights on there during the week. For those of you who haven’t already ‘liked’ and ‘followed’ our page, please do as we’ll be posting examples of the learning and achievement of our pupils during the week as well. We’ve already posted updates from several classes who weren’t going to let a national lockdown get in the way of celebrating Bonfire Night and there’s more to come, so keep a look out (you can find our page here).

For now then, Mrs Newport is going to tell you all about our amazing new pathway group and some of the exciting things they’ve been learning this term.

Hello and welcome to the Community Living Pathway.

Our pathway is a new endeavour this year at New Bridge, designed specifically for those students whose interests lie beyond drama, sport and ICT. The community living pathway has been created to offer opportunities to develop the full range of skills required to live as independently as possible, begin to gain experience of life in the community and dip a tentative toe into the world of voluntary employment.

As you can imagine, under the current circumstances community visits are out of the question, as are many of the leisure and vocational experiences we had hoped to include each week, we are, however, undeterred!

We have been developing our teamwork through a range of group projects. The class impressed Mrs Newport and the team hugely with their creativity and artistic skills, producing our beautiful ‘positivi-tree’, even adding some lovely seasonal accents when the leaves began to fall before half term.

The class have also been working on their independent research and presentation skills. Each week two members of the class are providing us with a show and tell style presentation based on one of their favourite things. So far Alex has wowed us with his seemingly limitless Dyson knowledge, Oliver has impressed us with his super PowerPoint skills telling us all about Undertales, Mackenzie showed the class how Kahoot has developed over the years and how much fun it is and Stacey has shared with us some lovely pictures and stories about her very own horse. Not forgetting Laraiba’s amazing presentation about fairies… This week it is the turn of Delfim, I can’t wait to see what he has done (I have had a peek at his PowerPoint and I know we are in for a treat!)

As well as developing our skills we have been exploring different areas of employment, this week we have been looking at manufacturing and assembly, trying out various job roles and producing resources for our own class, we have some budding technicians in our midst it seems! We hope to be able to offer our services to the wider school community in the coming months so please keep an eye out.

In Maths we have been working on number, in particular rounding to the nearest…, linking this to real world applications and having some fun in class too!

In English we have been reading ‘Ready Player One’, the class all designed their own avatar, debated the pros and cons of Virtual Reality and wrote for a range of purposes. In addition they worked on their descriptive language, describing all of the amazing places that can be created whilst still sat on your sofa.

Of course it hasn’t all been hard work, as we are a brand new class we spent a little while getting to know each other..

We explored our feelings and looked at what makes a good friend.

We have also been using our registration time to work on many of our individual targets, for example developing fine motor and communication skills through games and crafts..


Some of the Hamma bead creations are very impressive!

Sadly due to the current pandemic not all of our students have been able to attend school in person, this has not stopped us though. Through the wonder of iPad technology Hajeerah has been able to join our class remotely, joining live lessons and working independently on work set through Seesaw and Showbie.

Hajeerah is another artistic talent, as you can see here in her amazing 3D response to Mr Hanif’s ‘Design your own country’ competition..

..and also in her contribution to our portrait gallery..

These self portraits are inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo, an inspirational activist and artist that we studied during Black History Month – below you can also see Rose, Delfim and Oliver’s brilliant work..

It has been great to share what we have been up to, we hope to share a little more news about our Pathways plans over the next month or so, so please do look out for updates on the New Bridge School facebook page!

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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