20 Nov

This week we’re focusing on learning and achievement in the Autism Base and it’s the turn of AB3 to share with you some highlights from their first term of the year. They’ve been quite a busy bunch!

Before that I’d like to remind you of our continuing Sign of the Week project. Each week a different pupil is helping to demonstrate a sign which you can practise at home with your child. If you’ve not spotted one of our short demonstration videos already, have a scroll back through our Facebook page and you can catch up with the signs we’ve featured so far. This week’s sign is ‘Thanksgiving’.

From one cultural festival to another. This week a number of our classes learned about Diwali, The Festival of Lights, following on from the celebration of this festival last Saturday. You can check out photos of the beautiful artwork the pupils have created and read about their learning in Friday’s Facebook post.

So, it’s over to Ms Taylor to tell us all about life and learning in AB3.

Welcome to AB3! We are all very pleased to be back at school and in routine, although we are missing a couple of our friends.

We would love to tell you a little bit about our time in school since September.

Since coming back into our new building, AB3 have been spending lots of time settling back into school following a recovery curriculum which for our group consisted of using our sensory diet activities.

We do love to move! Our new outside space means we can access outside whenever we want to and the overhead cover keeps the worst of the weather at bay (so far).

Every morning we take part in morning routine where we get ready for the day ahead by selecting the day, date and weather. We also like to wake ourselves up to the song ‘wake up, shake up’. After this we have been completing our mile walk come rain or shine! We especially liked the Halloween treasure hunt set by ELOCOM’s group, we are fingers crossed for a Christmas version, hint hint! 

Once we settled back into routine we have been starting to work in more of a ‘normal’ timetable.

In our English lessons we have been working on commenting and sentence construction using colourful semantics. This approach uses colours to help us get the right structure and arrangement of words. We have also been listening and identifying sounds linked to bonfire night, finding, reading and colouring different pictures and, our all time favourite, ‘Draw with Rob’ where we have done amazingly well to listen and follow instructions.

During Maths we have been working on sequencing numbers up to 100 as well as adding the correct amounts of objects to numbers. We are currently working on 2d and 3 shape recognition.

In Science we have been exploring a topic called ourselves where we made self portraits using different materials, drew pictures on the window and made faces out of play dough. We’ve also linked our Science experiments to Autumn and Halloween with leaf threading and exploration, plus witches potions and scary ghost balloons.

In food technology we have been making some delicious smoothies while tasting different types of fruit. Although we find trying new things hard, Miss Taylor has been really proud of how hard we have tried with our tasting.

In Art we have been making magic wands, self portraits and some houses for our Great Fire of London topic.

After all this hard work we have been taking part in weekly yoga sessions to help us all chill out and stay calm. Some of the poses can be tricky but it has really helped us gain better balance and relax!

To finish, I’d like to thank all those who joined us in supporting Children in Need last Friday. We raised an amazing £167.10 for this wonderful cause. Thank you to everyone for your contributions.

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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