11 Dec

This week our penultimate blog of the term, and of the year, comes from the Interactive Base team, specifically Miss Ward’s IB2 class who are celebrating a wonderful first term together. So, before I hand over to the team, I just want to highlight a few key messages to help us all make the most of the lead up to the Christmas holiday.

All of our families will now have received details of how to watch our Christmas Celebration from the comfort of their own home next week. Please check your ParentApp for the information in case you’ve missed it. This will be available on YouTube from next Wednesday 16th December at 7pm which you can either watch at the time or later at a time that suits you.

Christmas dinner is also next Wednesday, and an opportunity for us all to don our finest Christmas jumpers. We’re looking forward to seeing as many of the pupils as possible in their festive attire.

Finally, on Thursday it’s our first ever Christmas Markets. The pupils have been working incredibly hard to create their own crafts to sell. So that your child can take advantage of all the amazing products on offer, please don’t forget to add a maximum of a £4 payment to ParentPay in advance so that we can operate a cashless system. Next week we’ll be posting some sneaky peak photos on Facebook so that you can get a sense of what the pupils will be selling.

So it’s over to Miss Ward..

At the beginning of this term our main focus was supporting our young people by helping them settle back in to school and to feel safe and secure within their classroom environment. We began to reintroduce routines and lessons once the students were all settled back in.

For the rest of this term we have been focusing on the topic of Autumn before we moved on to the festive season at the start of December. IB2 have been making Autumn window decorations, owls and hedgehogs using lots of different Autumn colours and textures. Autumn poems and stories have been read to the students and we have also sent these to the students who have been shielding at home for them to join in with whilst IB1 and IB2 have worked together to make one joint class.

For our multi-sensory lessons we have focused on relaxing music, bright colours, UV lights, fluorescent skittles and played glow in the dark games.

We also wanted to make some rainbow arts and crafts too so have created a lovely bright display outside our classroom and the class staff arranged a lovely colourful classroom using the multicoloured parachute for a lovely rainbow effect.

In the last 2 weeks we have made 105 small rainbows with the students using tissue paper and laminated them to send to Shawside Care Home for the residents to place in their windows to brighten up their rooms. The staff from Yellow bubble donated a huge amount of biscuits, chocolates, festive drinks, slippers, socks, toiletries and many more. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support we got from all the staff and we donated them in memory of Pat Cosgrove who was the mother of 2 of our New Bridge colleagues.

We have also been making festive decorations and gifts to sell at our Christmas market for our yellow bubble. We’ve had a LOT of fun this term!!

I will leave you with some wonderful signing from Maddison – this clip captures the moment she joined in with ‘Little Donkey’ for the first time, just look how hard she is concentrating – absolutely wonderful!


You can find all our ‘Signs of the Week’ that we’ve been featuring in school on our website here, including next week’s sign, Christmas tree, beautifully demonstrated for us by Mahima.

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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