15 Jan

After a week that brought with it a number of significant changes for us all, both in school and at home, it’s been considerably more settled this week. Pupils and staff have adapted quickly to the combination of face to face learning in school and remote learning at home. Technology is playing a crucial role in this. iPads, Showbie Pro Plus, Seesaw; these devices and apps are enabling us to blend teaching and learning across both home and school. A perfect example of this is the Community Living Pathway who’ve been off to a flying start this week as Mrs Newport explains:

Families were keen to get started so iPads were collected from school on Monday, and I visited the last few students to deliver theirs on Monday afternoon. As several members of the class had to self-isolate for a period of time last term, many pupils were already familiar with accessing on-line learning. Each pupil now understands how to log into the Seesaw app each morning to complete their activities for the day. As you can see from the pictures there’s been some very high quality work submitted. It’s impressive to see how well the pupils use all of the settings on Seesaw to submit their work. In addition to the work featured, there’s been some brilliant spoken responses recorded and the video function has been well used in the comments too!

The class have been revisiting the Maths topic ‘money’, from last term, before introducing ‘shape and measurement’ this term.

They have also started their new text in English ‘Ratburger’ and the pupils have been reading and listening along to the first chapter of the book as they develop character profiles for the two characters we have met so far and exploring the use of ‘Standard English’.

We did our first ‘Signalong Live’ lesson via Showbie Pro Plus on Wednesday which was a resounding success. We learnt a range of signs for rooms and household objects.

Well done Stacey!

Miss Orgacki’s Communication Group have also been working hard..

This week (much like the weeks to come) has been very strange for KS3EOI. Where we would usually post a blog full of photos of us producing amazing work and having fun all together in school, we are showing off what we have been up to individually at home and at school instead.

It has been clear from our phone calls home to parents, that the students have been working just as hard at home as they usually would in school.

At home, students have been practising name writing, learning the months of the year, working on number formation, counting, reading, practising the alphabet, colouring, playing Maths games, going for walks, conducting science experiments, helping with chores and have even done a spot of baking! We hope you saved some for us! 🙂

Our students in school have also been working hard this week – they have participated in daily wake up, shake up activities, practised some Phonics, played Maths games, been for walks around school, played a game of Giant Snakes and Ladders, played UNO and in true KS3EOI form – there has been plenty of singing and dancing!

Even though we miss you… myself, Mrs Gardiner, Miss Olsen and Mrs Wong continue to admire your resilience and positivity throughout such a challenging time. As always, we are immensely proud of our superstars!

Keep smiling and we can’t wait to see you all very soon! But for now, see you on Seesaw!

Take care and stay safe everyone,

Miss Orgacki  🙂

Mrs Fennelly’s Communication Group have also been very busy. They are enjoying exploring their new theme, The Very Hungry Caterpillar as you can see from the pictures of the pupils in school this week..

I’m conscious that lateral flow testing in schools has been mentioned quite a lot in the news over the past week. At present we are still exploring putting into place testing whilst keeping a very close eye on government guidance. We will however keep families updated accordingly should this change.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe.


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