22 Jan

“Learning together, learning for all, learning for life”. That’s our mission statement here at New Bridge. It’s what we do every day and there’s certainly a lot of learning going on everywhere I look at the moment. Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have seen many examples of the learning that is taking place across both school and home. Whether it’s speaking skills, following a recipe, letter recognition, completing Mr Smith’s tea bag challenge, addition and subtraction, the life cycle of a plant or how to spell your name using Braille, each example highlights the wonderful efforts of our pupils and their learning and achievement as a result. It’s not all study, study, study however; learning how to manage our mental wellbeing has been a big focus and it’s been great to see our form tutors creating opportunities for pupils across school and home to link up with each other virtually just to ‘hang out’ and catch up with each other and maintain their friendships.

Before I hand over to Mr Chard and the Activ8 team, I’d like to say thank you to our families. I understand that many of you are also learning how to support your child’s learning at home. Our teams are here to help in any way we can and what we’re finding works best is when families and their child’s form tutor are communicating regularly, whether it’s via ParentApp, email or over the phone. This allows the tutor to personalise the learning opportunities not just to your child, but to your family circumstances so that you can support in a way works for you and your family.  With your support we’re seeing some brilliant examples of the progress being made at home so please do keep in touch so we can continue to work together to support your child’s learning.

So, Mr Chard …

Happy New Year from everyone in Activ8. Firstly, we would all like to thank each and every person who supported our fantastic food bank project. It was a project we really enjoyed and we learnt so much about how local food banks operate to support families in Oldham and Manchester. Activ8 will be running the project annually as it was so successful this year. Again, thank you for the support.

As we find ourselves in another lockdown, Activ8 have been working really hard to be resilient to the barriers presented to us yet again. Last week in Activ8, the students that are in school were thinking of ways to help get those that are remote learning engaged in being active.

“Why don’t we video ourselves doing some workout exercises and Mr. Chard can put them on Seesaw for those at home?” So, this is exactly what we did!

Miss Burgess videoed the students doing the plank, squats and sit-ups.

Miss Burgess also did two dance routines, which when Mr. Lyons popped in, he got involved and busted a few moves!


Moving forward, we will be looking at more ways of helping those at home be active and making it as fun as possible!

The students at home are working really hard on their individual work packs and each student has given positive feedback and is really enjoying the work so far. Connie has sent us a picture of her working hard at home. Well done Connie, keep up the good work.

Since September the Activ8 team has worked extremely hard on creating a positive atmosphere and engaging in mental wellbeing lessons and understanding mental health. We would like to share some of the things we were doing in class to remind people to stay positive during this difficult time.

  1. In class we were having regular group conversations. Students discuss a topic and each student listens and engages in positive communication. You could do this at home. Try to connect with your household – have a conversation with family members and friends.
  2. In class we have been doing a variety of sports, some circuit training to help us learn new skills and also looking at how to keep ourselves healthy and active. You can keep active at home by taking part in some form of exercise. This could be going for a walk or run (safely and socially distanced), for example.
  3. In class, we were concentrating on being kind to each other; manners are free and can make people have a better day. Be kind at home. Help around the house – say thank you, use your manners and ask your family members how they are and really listen.

We would like to finish by saying we are really looking forward to seeing everyone back in school again when it is safe to do so. Activ8 will be working hard on the work that has been set both online and from the individual home work packs. Activ8 would like to let all our fellow students and friends know that you are all amazing, resilient and kind. Stay safe and see you all soon.

Take care,

Mr Chard, Mr Holban and Miss Burgess

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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