05 Feb

It’s the turn of Ms Coleman-Celis to share with us with learning and achievements of her Autism Base class in this week’s blog. But first, regular readers may remember me telling you about our Maths teacher, Mr Holban, winning The Ray Gibbons Memorial Prize last term. Well, this month his achievement has been featured in the Mathematical Association’s Equals Journal, so I’m handing over my section of the blog this week to the article in question so you have the pleasure of reading all about Mr Holban and the wonderful work he’s done to deserve such a prestigious prize:

Continuing the theme of celebration, let’s check in with AB4 to celebrate their learning and achievements.

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at animals in AB4 following the topic ‘In the Wild.’ This topic has enabled the group to learn about a variety of different animals. We have studied their habitats, food and where we might find them. Each student has really enjoyed this topic so far, and we have linked this to their targets. Alongside this topic, we have completed our morning routine, preparing for the day and working on our communication and turn-taking. As always, we work on our Signalong and go through the signs for each day of the week. Maddison is our super signer. She can tell her friends verbally and also by using sign what snack options we have that day. Maddison also signs “feedback” at the end of each lesson to tell her friends that it’s time to sit as a group to talk about our great work!
Well done Maddison!

Following our ‘In the Wild’ topic, we looked at birds. To try and entice them to our schoolyard, we have been making a variety of different bird feeders. James has been very excited about this and keeps an eye out for any visitors each day. We now have around six handmade bird feeders, so we hope they visit soon.

In English and Maths, we have been following the topic ‘In the Wild’ while working on specific targets. In Maths, the students have been working on grouping items together and counting up to 15, 20 or 30. They have also been counting in 2’s, 3’s and 5’s. In English, the students have been practising letter formation, writing their names, working on using appropriate upper and lower case and composing sentences.

We have had some amazing home learning as well over the last few weeks from James and Musfiq, who have been accessing Seesaw to complete their work. They have been taking part in a morning routine activity, similar to one we do in class, which also identifies how they are feeling. Both Musfiq and Jamie have been working on Maths and English activities and completing them each day, these have been linked to their targets and they have both been amazing. Well done Jamie and Musfiq.

I have to end on a high by saying the group have had some amazing fun in the snow. The pictures say it all. Learning through sensory play, with interaction and fun at the forefront!!!

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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