26 Feb

I was so pleased to hear this week’s statement from the Prime Minister announcing that schools can start to reopen fully on Monday 8th March 2021.  The team and I are really looking forward to welcoming pupils back into school and it is our intention that your child can return to school on Monday 8th March 2021.  You will no doubt be aware that the government has issued new guidance around lateral flow testing and the use of face masks in classrooms to support pupils returning to school.  As a special school we do have some flexibility in how we respond to this guidance so we will be contacting families next week to provide further information and seek your support to plan your child’s return.

This week I was invited to attend assembly with Mr Hollinworth’s Year 7 group. What a delightful bunch they were! I’d like to share with you some of their learning and achievements from the week:

Peace received an award for demonstrating resilience and perseverance as a result of challenging herself to try a new activity in PE. Whilst she was initially a bit fearful of joining in, she overcame her fear and gave it a go. Happily, she ended up really enjoying herself and is now looking forward to PE next week where she says she wants to try even more new activities.

Jake received recognition not only for demonstrating a mature approach to managing a frustrating situation but also for his confidence in standing at the front of the class and leading them through their morning routine.

We celebrated Haidan’s perseverance and determination, firstly in Maths, where he has embraced extension activities to challenge himself further, but secondly in Living Skills, where he successfully challenged himself to learn how to tie his shoelaces in 2 days!

Ibrahim has really been applying himself in lessons, focusing his concentration during learning activities, particularly in Geography where he carried out research and demonstrated outstanding knowledge. He even took time in the assembly to test my knowledge of capital cities!

Finally Macie has been working really hard on her reading using a phonics approach. She is always looking for words she can sound out and spell for herself. We celebrated a very significant achievement indeed, Macie has read her first book independently!

A superb set of achievements from everyone, I’m really proud of you all.

So, onto this week’s featured group, and this time it’s Miss Mullen’s Year 9 group. The group have decided they’d like to present their blog a little differently than usual; they’ve produced a couple of short videos, which they’ve filmed, edited and produced together to show you what they’ve been learning about in the past weeks and months, both in school and at home.

Over to you Year 9.


Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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