05 Mar

It’s the turn of our Lumenus Performing Arts pathway to share with you their tales of learning and achievement. But first, in my usual virtual Friday afternoon assembly, I was very pleased to be welcomed by the pupils of Mrs Joy’s Year 7 class, some in school, and some at home, as we celebrated their achievements this week. The class have been using two apps, ‘Literacy Planet’ and ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ to support the development of their reading skills. Whilst everyone has been steadily making progress, several individuals received special recognition for their particular progress. Well done to the following pupils who received certificates for being the top 6 highest points scorers on Literacy Planet:

  • Caelan
  • Ellie
  • Maisha
  • Rahmeen
  • Salem
  • Vincent

And huge congratulations to the following pupils also received certificates who reached a particular milestone on Teach Your Monster to Read:

  • Caelan
  • Ellie
  • Frankie
  • Harry
  • Maisha
  • Naeema
  • Rahmeen
  • Salem

A further very special award was awarded to Salem because he is always so polite to the staff and his friends in class. Every day, he uses lovely manners and any time he asks a question there is always a please or a thank you; the perfect role model to the rest of the pupils in his class.

Mrs Hickman’s Year 8 class have been weaving a celebration of St David’s Day into their Living Skills lessons. Any excuse to cook up some tasty bean and cheese melts.

They’ve also been using the Epic app to try out new books as part of our World Book Day activities on Thursday.

You can check out more examples of our pupils taking part in World Book Day on our Facebook page here.

So, to Ms Pilgrim to tell us about learning in Lumenus!

I’d like to start by saying a hugeCongratulations”🥳 to all the students in KS4 Lumenus, for passing their Entry Level 1 Functional Skills in English just before Christmas.

Things have certainly been different in and around school, but this hasn’t stopped KS4 Lumenus.

We’ve crammed so much in since the start of the year.

November brought us Remembrance Day. We recreated a WW2 school day. Preparations for the day included students researching what a day in the life of a child during WW2 would be like. They made gas masks, costumes for the day, equipped the classroom with a blackboard, chalk and erased all technology 😱. Throughout the day, air raid sirens went off and all pupils hid under desks which they found highly amusing and the highlight of their day. As a result of not using technology that day, the students have decided to have technology free days during every week. On these days, students develop social skills playing games like hopscotch and cat’s cradle.

Christmas was Showcase time. Lumenus retold the story of the Grinch through dance and song. Despite finding rehearsing in the classroom challenging, they came up trumps again and put on a fantastic performance, choreographing all the dancing independently.

Students made jar lanterns for the Christmas market. They looked so pretty!

So many negative things are highlighted daily about the effects of Covid and the lockdown. As you can imagine, things are very different in school with the bubbles and restrictions. KS4 Lumenus have adapted extremely well to these changes and decided to flip this around and focused on the positive effects. Students have shared the positive impact the new school day has had on their lives:

  • Staying in my bubble at school has changed my personality. I am much calmer and can deal with my emotions better ~ M.C.
  • Staying in my bubble has helped me build strong friendships and become more confident ~ C.O.
  • I have learnt how to stay more focused and on task during lessons ~ I.M.
  • I’ve have become more helpful and nice to people in school and out of school ~ M.W.
  • In my bubble I have been able to spend more time with my friends and staff. I understand them better ~ J.L.G.
  • My confidence has grown since staying in my bubble. I can speak with confidence and actually don’t know when to stop talking now ~ G.J.
  • I am more confident sharing my feelings and worries with my teacher and support staff ~ K.A.
  • Being in this environment has meant that I have been able to get more work done because I am in the same class all day. Usually I would be going to different classes for lessons ~ D.M.
  • I do a lot more work in my bubble because I don’t have any distractions. I think I am a kinder person too ~ M.A.

 Some really positive changes all round.

Finally I would like to end this blog by saying a massive thank you to all the staff at New Bridge for keeping our spirits high by being so positive and caring throughout this difficult time. Here’s to getting life back to normal again. 🍾

Really looking forward to welcoming more pupils back into school next week.

In the meantime, take care and stay safe.


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