12 Mar

What an absolute pleasure it’s been this week, to welcome back so many members of our New Bridge community back into school.  We’ve filled the classrooms once again with pupils and staff and carried on with learning as usual, only this time, with so many more of us back together in the same building.  It’s fair to say there have been mixed emotions from the pupils, some excited and overjoyed to see their friends again, and some understandably anxious about coming back into school after nearly three months at home.  Our team have been on hand to support and as I toured the school on Friday, it was clear that it’s been a successful return, with children enjoying getting back to ‘face to face’ teaching and settling back into school life.  I’m incredibly proud of the positive attitude of our pupils and their desire to push on with their learning.

So, to give us some further insight into this and celebrate their learning over the past weeks and months, it’s the turn of Mrs Joy’s Year 7 class to feature in this week’s blog.

What a delightful week it has been in 7HJY. This week staff and students were reunited after a long lockdown. It was so lovely to see so many smiley and excited faces returning to the classroom.

The first day back focused on settling our students back into the classroom ensuring all felt safe and happy with the big change.  There was so much to catch up on! At home – Harry has been creating some fantastic YouTube videos all about wild animals, Vincent has been keeping healthy by taking part in Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions and at school – Maisha, Rahmeen, Caelan and other Bubble 1 students started trampolining sessions.

To get back into the swing of things, the class continued with our English topic – Killer Croc.  The class have worked extremely hard to recite a poem all about the terrifying tales of a killer crocodile on the loose in our local area. As well as remembering all those tricky words, the students came up with their own sign along actions and story maps.

Keeping with the animal theme, our class have made the most beautiful animal inspired artwork. They made African sunsets with water colours and cut out animal silhouettes to stick on top. 

They also made patchwork Papier Mache animal statues.

As a much-loved activity for those who attended school during lockdown we put back on our dancing shoes and had a Just Dance boogie! Personal favourites including ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Agadoo’. I am sure our Bubble 1 neighbours have loved hearing the singing voices and jumping feet!

On Thursday, the class worked together in teams and competed in a Class Kahoot. They quizzed themselves on number bonds, foods and TV shows. Well done to Vincent and Harry for getting first place.

To finish we would like to say just how happy we are to be back together again working hard and creating memories. Thank you to each student in 7HJY for your hard work, dedication and for being your amazing selves.

Stay safe and keep smiling! 😊

Until next week, take care and stay safe.


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