19 Mar

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have noted that Japan and Japanese culture have been our cross curricular topic theme this week.  If you’ve not spotted our posts, here are some fantastic examples of Japanese ‘anime’..

For Cross Curricular Topic 9LMN pupils have been learning about Japan and Japanese culture.
Pupils have used carbon…

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..and our pupils (and staff) having plenty of fun trying out a bit of sumo wrestling..

You can also read about how one of our classes has celebrated St Patrick’s Day..

Yesterday 8CGD celebrated St Patrick’s Day and did a variety of activities, we tasted “Irish magic green milk”, which…

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..and learn the sign for ‘Red Nose Day’..

This week we returned to our virtual year group assemblies and it was a real pleasure to bring together all the pupils from Year 8 to celebrate their learning and achievement.  There are simply too many certificates, awards and special mentions to cover individually here but to give you a flavour of our celebrations, we recognised individual progress and success in:

  • handwriting
  • independence during mealtimes
  • developing emotional regulation skills
  • settling into a new class in a new school
  • achieving an amazing score on a test

We also celebrated individuals who had engaged really well with online learning, completing all their daily learning activities during lockdown.  Finally, we praised those who regularly provide encouragement and support for their classmates, whether it’s when someone is struggling with a learning activity or when someone is not feeling at their best, they’ve consistently been there to offer a helping hand, a listening ear or positive word.  Such an inspirational assembly, their achievements and actions certainly left me with a smile on my face.

So, this week it’s Miss Patchett’s turn to update us on progress in her Living Skills Pathway group.

We would like to say hello and hope you enjoy reading our class blog on all the exciting learning experiences and activities we have participated in during this academic year, so far.

Despite all the upheavals and a rollercoaster ride that this pandemic has caused, it has not stopped the class from producing some excellent work and moving forward with their learning.

Here is a snapshot of some of the wonderful things we have done.

We have worked on several topics over the past few months, but a few definitely captured our hearts and allowed the pupils to relate the work covered in the topics to communicate their feelings about current world-wide events.

We began by learning about two inspirational women whose work has guided the work of others today, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Pupils studied how these influential women helped nurse/care for others and shaped the nursing practices of today.

The class involved themselves in role play and learnt about key events. They recreated old fashioned medicines and remedies and learnt what they were used for. The pupils then related this to the work of the NHS and the roles of doctors and nurses today and how we have shown our appreciation of their work, especially over the past months/year.

For Science week, the class worked on the importance of global warming and saving our environment by recycling. We conducted our own experiments to understand why global warming is happening and what we can do as individuals to help. 

In Art Week, pupils focused on the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created their very own portraits using fruits and vegetables. This was tied in with harvest and how we can help others who are less fortunate than ourselves by donating food items to people in the community.

Moving forward to our Christmas celebrations. KPT was responsible for organising and manning the Christmas market stall for Bubble Four. Not only were the class being extremely busy creating hot chocolate reindeer pots to sell, all the pupils did a fantastic job in demonstrating skills in customer care and communication.

We also celebrated the festive season with creating our very own Christingles and learning about the meaning of advent. The class produced some lovely work which was showcased on a Christmas display outside the classroom.

In addition to working on themed weeks, the class have worked hard in their numeracy and literacy sessions, in particular sharing their weekend activities in our speaking and listening activities and discussing key events in the community using Newsround. Pupils have also been working hard on their numeracy targets using the Numicon system and Mathletics app. 

The importance of staying healthy has never been so important, and the class have enjoyed taking part in our daily mile walk challenge whilst also engaging in yoga sessions and outdoor team games to help us stay active.

As part of the Life Skills department, we have continued to work on skills in key areas. This has included practising our fine motor skills in a range of activities, home-based skills and working/playing together as a team.

Finally, on returning back to school after the last lockdown, we have been celebrating Shakespeare Week. This has involved the pupils taking part in role play, playing games of the Elizabethan era and following/creating recipes that Shakespeare possibly would have eaten. 

I am sure you will agree that the class have worked hard over the past few months, and even when things have been different – and sometimes challenging – the pupils have demonstrated perseverance, tolerance and a positive attitude to learning. We (Miss Patchett, Miss Fletcher and Miss Williams) are so proud of all their hard work. Well done to all the pupils of KPT.

Until next week, take care and stay safe.


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