26 Mar

This week I had the privilege of sharing our Friday achievement assembly with pupils from Miss Mullen’s Year 9 class.  As part of the Japan-themed cross curricular topic work, they have been recreating ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai.  The pupils had traced The Great Wave and then completed the rest of their art work using watercolour paints.

A very special mention went to Matthieu for his remarkable recreation of this famous piece of art.  He very carefully used carbon paper to trace the outline of the wave onto a collaged background and finished it off with several strokes of watercolour paint.

Robyn also received a special mention and a Star of the Week award for her outstanding progress in Maths having mastered place value up to 1000.  She was also recognised for role in supporting the class in keeping their iPads stored and charged ready for the learning the next day.  What a star!

In the lead up to Easter, the whole class have been working on an Easter chalkboard display.  The display is a work in progress which has been gradually added to, however this week Millie got a special mention for her brilliant ‘Happy Easter’ writing on the display.  Special shout out to Christopher who wasn’t at the assembly but the class wanted it known how much he’d contributed to the display as well.  Well done Christopher.

We finished with a huge well done to everyone for their fantastic effort with their learning and the progress they’ve made this week.  Superb everyone!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to join up with Mrs Parkinson’s class and Miss Jarvis’ class for our assembly so to make sure their achievements don’t get missed I’d like to congratulate the following pupils from Miss Parkinson’s class for their commitment to keeping up their learning whilst they’ve been at home:

  • Alex
  • Mehbub
  • Khadija
  • James
  • Lucy
  • Katie
  • Jaydon
  • Jack

I’d also like to present ‘Team Player’ certificates to the following pupils for being excellent team players and helping others:

  • Kyle
  • Jack
  • Natalia

Finally, Mehbub gets another certificate for being on time for school..

..and Jack gets another certificate for developing his ability to tell the time using an analogue clock..

Absolutely amazing everyone!

Miss Jarvis’ class have been equally busy this week, learning how to stay safe online, so much so that George, Yunus, Callum, Nayem, Declan and Amy have all passed their e-safety course.  Brilliant achievement!  Lastly, Declan gets a special shout out for such a positive week and for providing such valuable support to both his classmates and the staff team.  Thank you Declan, your support is really appreciated, and well done on such a strong week.

So, it’s over to Mr Bright to share with you an update on learning and achievement in our Key Stage 4 Digit4ll Pathway.

We just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how our group have been doing over the past few weeks. It’s been a challenging time for everyone working from home and in school, then at home, then in school, but we have continued with our qualification work just as if we were in class due to the use of iPads.

The school made it a goal to ensure all remote pupils were able to freely access learning resources during lockdown and we have used Showbie to transfer work and get involved in daily live video chats. There was great interaction within the group and it allowed us to engage with one another on a regular basis.

Pupils are studying the WJEC ICT qualification at Entry Level 3 and Level 1. The two units being covered are ‘presentation software’ and ‘imaging software’. We have also been working with an external company called ‘Digital Advantage’ who have been getting us to consider branding and photography in our work.

Below are some of the many great examples of what the group have been getting up to.

  • Here is a graphic Edward has created where he used photo editing software called Serif Photo Plus to superimpose himself over a sunset as The Stig. 

  • Mackenzie added text over the City of Manchester Stadium. 

  • Aadil used colour filters to brighten up his selfie at home.

  • Edward deciding a Porsche is better than a Bentley.. 

  • It’s not all IT work! Thomas enjoying a bit of gardening therapy during lockdown. 

  • William edited an image of the Manchester skyline with a rainbow. 

  • William inverted the colour to black and white of an image he chose from the internet. 

  • Aadil expertly using digital photo software to overlay a train and himself. 

  • Pupils use an e-portfolio to record their own evidence of work. Here is Subhan working hard on his e-portfolio folder. 

  • Thomas used filter effects and the warp tools to alter the visual look of a Rocket League car. 

  • Brendon used PhotoPlus to remove the colour of the City of Manchester stadium. 

  • You can see how Edward loves his cars! Here he has used photo editing techniques to add layers of graphics together. 

  • Macauley expertly overlaying himself over the city skyline. 

  • Macauley showing off now…! 

  • As well as completing our IT work we went out for regular walks, fresh air and exercise. Here is Seeraj enjoying basketball with Miss Munsaf. 

  • Chey enjoying basketball in the ball hall. 

  • One of our live video chats whilst home learning! 

  • Chey using photo editing software to create a night sky over Manchester. 

  • It’s clear there are a few footy fans in the Digi pathway…William using photo editing software to create photo effects! 

  • Here is a photograph of William, taken by Subhan on his iPad and then edited within an app. The aim was to capture natural lifestyle shots. What a great job Subhan did here! 

  • Here is a photo take by Mackenzie of two of his friends in a natural moment. You’d never know it was posed!!! 

This is just a sample of some of the work we have been doing in Digi1. It’s been a challenge but we have managed to make progress with our work and expect to gain our qualification this year. From all the pupils on the DIGIT4LL pathway, take care and stay safe! 

Until next week, take care and stay safe.


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