01 Apr

As we begin our Easter holiday I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our amazing pupils for your outstanding commitment to your learning in uncertain times.  Whether you’ve been in school or at home or a combination of both, you’ve continued to make progress and enjoy new achievements.  The examples we’ve featured in these weekly blogs have demonstrated your determined efforts and what a positive mindset can achieve in the face of challenging circumstances.  I hope our readers have been as inspired as I have each week.

To our families, I offer my thanks for your honest partnership.  It has been an unpredictable, and at times confusing context for schools to work in, so your sincerity in working with us to ensure we can provide a safe and supportive environment for your child to learn is greatly appreciated.  I ask that you continue to work with us in this way so that together we can maintain the foundations of honesty and trust that make partnerships so successful.

For now it’s the turn of Mrs Mellon and her Autism Base class to share with you their learning and achievements.

We are so pleased to have everyone back in class for the first time since September. Everyone is really pleased to be back in a routine and to be seeing their friends again.

Since starting at New Bridge in September, everyone has worked very hard to get to know a new building, a new school and new staff – not to mention getting used to being back in a classroom again after so long! We are so proud of how well everyone has done settling into life at New Bridge.

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading the book Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. Everyone has been learning the sign along signs to help them with their sentences and to re-tell the story. Leon has drawn the story and made up his own version too! Well done Leon.

In Science, we have been looking at forces. We built some buildings and looked at what an earthquake would do to them by shaking the tuff tray, then we used balloon pumps as wind to see if we could knock the buildings down like in the story.

In Art, Yousaf, Joe and Jayden made some great superhero cityscapes using collage techniques. They followed the instructions to work independently.

In Maths, we have been looking at and creating repeating patterns, using the computer, paints, and real objects. We have tried out lots of different repeating patterns.

Every morning, we start the day with some breakfast in our AB5 café. Those who want it can have some toast, which they order and make themselves, helping them to get used to using money, even though we can’t go out due to the restrictions at the moment.

After that, it’s time to get moving with either some yoga, to help to feel calm and ready for the day, or a sensory circuit. We all join in with some sensory movement exercises together; these help everyone to work together and play together as friends.

Then we do our morning songs and say good morning. Everyone is really good at signing our good day song which we do every morning.

Whatever the weather, we always go for a walk around the school grounds. We have done it in the rain, snow, wind and sun and always find something different to explore!

After lunch, we all come back together again to say good afternoon. We check-in with everyone to see how they are doing, using the Colour Monster story. This helps to get everyone talking about how things make them feel, and how we can help them if they are feeling sad or angry.

Looking ahead to the summer term and beyond, I’m staying cautiously optimistic.  For now, I wish you all a very happy Easter holiday and hope you find time to do the things you love, with the people you love.

Take care, stay safe.


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