31 Oct

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We’ve had a busy day at holiday club, although things got off to a slightly gentler start..

Dance? First thing in the morning? No thanks..

Don’t worry, they soon warmed up! It was all smiles for Hannah..

..just before she painted the room in orange slime!

Pumpkin orange seems to be the theme today, Covy getting her nails done..

Tyler and Mr Cawley trying to warm themselves up this morning playing football..

..while Adeel and Jacob were back enjoying their usual spots..

We hope you let those nails dry before sticking your hands in the crackle foam Covy!

A bit of peace and quiet in yoga this afternoon..

..but not for long – SHAAAAAAARK!!!!!!!

Joseph obviously hasn’t checked behind him yet..

Don’t worry, it’s only Harrison..

Safely away from any more sharks, Hajjrah was absolutely loving the water beads this afternoon..

We certainly wouldn’t be smiling that much Imogen if we had just found some ghost footprints!

Happy Halloween everyone!