13 Aug

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The weather has brought quite a change but we’re still having fun at holiday club!

After a busy morning of racing around the hall on the didi cars, painting, hair and beauty and table tennis to name just a few activities, this afternoon has been more relaxed.

Normally we would be wondering why anyone would be glued to the Xbox again but to be fair to the lads, it was absolutely throwing it down outside so we’ll let them off today..

Bobby-Joe was very happy with his bright blue headphones..

We’re wondering how Junaid is going to fit in the rest of his name now – he’s not left an awful lot of room!

Just look at the mountain of bubbles, they’re spreading fast! We hope you managed to escape, Covy..

Did we say a relaxed afternoon? Hmmm, not everyone was winding down! Charlie said he could jump the highest on the bouncy castle and to be honest, we can’t see anyone beating this..

..although that didn’t stop Corey and Junaid giving him a run for his money!

We’ll see you tomorrow for more fun and games  🙂