09 Aug

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Welcome to another fun-packed day here at New Bridge holiday club, with more great photographs of what we’ve been getting up to!

First of all, we start with our party in the park..

These guys certainly know how to have a good time..

Next, in the pool Bobby-Joe and Junaid have been trying their hand at a spot of synchronised swimming..

..whereas Sean chooses the more relaxed approach to pool activities!

Everyone’s ready for eyes down at the New Bridge Bingo Hall – the first number, Mr Hagan?

It looks as though Sarah-Jane has got a full house already!

While over in the Fancy Nail Art salon, Aysha prepare her digits for the makeover!

This afternoon in the ICT room, even the frantic pace of FIFA seems to have taken on a more relaxed atmosphere..

..and that’s fine with us!

The AB were reluctant to end the party after their outing to the park, so they carried on with it in soft play this afternoon..

In the final activity of the day, at Mr “Hulk” Hagan’s Gym – or the dining hall as we know it – it’s time for SUMO! As you can see, there is a long standing rivalry between the first two opponents..


..and the opening bout goes to..


But how will Anthony measure up to his next opponent, the fearsome Junaid!!?

He wastes no time in finding out!

With a sneaky hand from Joseph, Anthony is the victor once more!!!

Junaid’s not too bothered – he’ll be in training for next time!

Let’s hear it for the winner – Anthony!!

Join us all again tomorrow for lots more fun and activity here at New Bridge holiday club!