25 Jul

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Let’s see what everyone’s been getting up to in Holiday Club today..

Sam and Harry getting ready to paint marshmallows this morning. Hurry up with that chocolate, Miss!

Anthony and Mrs Needham showing us how it’s done..

The boys playing Xbox again? You have to be joking..

Jacob’s listening to something good!

Meanwhile out at the park, Junaid floating on top of a UFO..

Oh my word, the aliens have transformed Junaid into Covy!

It looks far too warm for that, Corey!

Just look at that smile, Tommy..

A bit less crowded in the pool today – Mrs Cattermole was chuffed with that..

Seriously boys, have you not had enough Xbox this week?

You won’t find any more games in there Tyler, you’ve completed them all. 37 times. This week..

That looks comfy Harry, room for one more?

Hannah having a well deserved rest after walking around the park all morning..

Look at that air time from Miss Hayes! She still hasn’t landed..

Pradeep telling everybody that their best poses aren’t good enough this afternoon in dance..

See you all again tomorrow  🙂