Welcome to our home learning page. During these unprecedented times, we are committed to ensuring that your child has the appropriate resources to continue their learning journey. In these web pages you will find weekly session plans for the range of subjects your child enjoys at New Bridge.

We understand that this is a very challenging time for our families and we would not want you to feel under any additional pressure. Please use the resources on these pages in a way that works for your own family and circumstances.

Academic work will not be provided over what would have been the Easter holidays, but teachers are providing fun, leisure and play ideas to keep your child engaged and entertained if you would like to use them. These activities have been added to your child’s class page but again, please feel free to use them in a way that best supports your needs. We have also pulled together some fun ideas for you including our virtual Holiday Club activities – please click here to see them.

We have a new Remote Learning guide, our one-stop resource list for parents, pupils and staff, which brings together all the resources we use in school and also includes links to other resources that may be of interest to you – please click here to view it. The guide will be kept updated as new and exciting apps and resources emerge. Please contact school if you need login details for any of the apps listed.

We have asked teachers to provide work remotely using the resources you will have available to you at home. Please click into the area below that your child is taught in and follow the guidance on these pages. If you have any difficulties with this, please speak to your child’s class teacher during one of their keeping in touch phone calls.

We have put together some advice on supporting your child to manage their behaviour at home here and you may also find the following guidance produced by Oldham Council’s Educational and Child Psychology Service helpful:

‘Beyond Words’ have produced a special resource, a short story without words that your child may find helpful here.

For support with your child’s iPad, we have a new channel – ‘New Tube’ – with useful ‘how to’ guides available here.

We are also collecting snippets of useful information and links as we come across them which you may want to check from time to time – please click here.

Please find your child’s class below:

School site (Year 7 to Year 11)

Learning Centre (Year 12 to Year 14)