The Interactive Base (IB) provides an appropriate learning environment for low level and complex learners. The principles of the IB groups are to provide a stimulating, engaging and sensory curriculum. The IB groups offers a base for their learners, which provides routine, consistent staffing and sensory based learning delivered by specialist staff and encourages communication.

Within the IB groups students will receive part of the curriculum offer within their base and part of the curriculum offer within the main body of the school or Learning Centre. Opportunities for social interaction with other students are also planned. The students within the IB groups may go across age phases and sometimes key stages in order for the students’ needs to be best met. Within the IB we encourage communication, independence and choice making at whatever level the student is working at. We use a wide range of communication techniques including signs, symbols, objects of reference and communication aids. During the session within the IB groups staff will facilitate opportunities for standing, seating changes and physical movement in order to promote physical well-being.

The staff within the IB groups quickly develop a knowledge of the young people and home-school books are used to communicate with families. The students within the IB groups will be able to select options within Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, these will be chosen by families. Staff within the IB groups will be happy to support students and families in selecting the appropriate options based on our knowledge of the students.