Key Stage 3 comprises of pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9.  In addition to the core offer other subjects are offered as part of enrichment.  All areas will be delivered as discrete subjects, with specialists in subject specific environments.

A range of criteria (academic ability, communication and social interaction skills, specific SEN) are utilised to create teaching groups.

This approach creates opportunities for pupils to learn together in a number of different pupil groupings creating greater opportunities to interact socially and improve social skills

The core secondary curriculum will cover the strands:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Living Skills
  4. ICT

Time allocation to KS3 curriculum (average per week over school year)

KS3 Learning Hours 
Subject Hours Per Week
English 5 hours
Maths 5 hours
Pastoral 2.5 hours
Living skills 3 hours
Science 1.5 hours
Creative Arts 2.5 hours
ICT 1 hour
PE 2.5 hours
Humanities 0.75 hours
MFL 1 hour
RS 0.75 hour