Detailed information on our Key Stage 4 results is available on the Government’s school and college performance tables here. Our Year 11 results for 2018-2019 are shown below:

All 40 pupils finishing Year 11 in July 2019 are remaining in education.

Our students’ results are not reported in the 16-18 performance tables as they spend a further year with us at Key Stage 5 and complete their studies at the end of Year 14. Last year’s results are shown below:

Our young people follow a wide range of pathways and are entered for the appropriate qualifications at different stages between Year 9 and Year 14 depending on their chosen programme of study. The full results for our school last year are shown below:

The destinations of the 47 students who left New Bridge at the end of Year 14 in July 2019 are shown below:

You can view our previous year’s results for 2017-2018 here