Key Stage 4 comprises of Years 10 and 11, although specific 14-19 pathways cross Key Stages.  The core curriculum remains the same in Key Stage 4 although the emphasis is now on all young people having the opportunity to access a full range of accreditation.

Employability/Work Skills

In addition to the whole school core curriculum, ‘employability’ is added to the offer. This is three hours a week, one hour being working on basic employability skills and a further two hours being ‘applied work skills’ where young people are given the opportunity to put these skills into context.

This is accredited with ASDAN Employability which ranges from Entry 2 – Level 2. Pupils begin to build a portfolio at Year 10 which they can build on as they move through the school.

Key Stage 4 Options

Options cover 4 hours a week and complement the employability and living skills aspects of the curriculum in further developing skills for life. A range of accreditation is offered from Entry Level through to GCSE, both in the main curriculum and in the 14-19 pathways.

The core secondary curriculum covers the strands:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Living Skills
  4. ICT

Time allocation to KS4 curriculum (average per week over school year)

KS4 Learning Hours 
Subject Hours Per Week
English 5 hours
Maths 5 hours
Science 1.5 hours
Pastoral 2.5 hours
Living skills 3 hours
ICT 0.75 hour
PE 0.75 hours
Work Skills 3 hours
Options 4 hours

The accreditation currently offered to match the needs of the pupils within our Key Stage 4 is shown below: