20 Nov

Well, this week has seen a bubble close. We were thanked by PHE on how quickly we reacted to the positive case to make the closure go as smoothly as possible. The staff team left on site worked through the list of students self-isolating and ensured that iPads and chargers were delivered so virtual learning could still take place. All our students and staff use a platform call Showbie Pro Plus to engage in our virtual offer. This has meant that learning can continue and virtual face to face sessions have supported learning.

I’m going to pass over to Activ8 and our Pre Internship groups to share what they have been up to, starting with Mr Thornton..

Hello everyone,

We’ve had a jam-packed week.

The team have focused on their Sports Leaders Awards. We’ve worked on the different skills and behaviours needed to become a successful sports leader. Activ8 have unanimously agreed on a ‘Sports Leaders Contract’ to help keep one another on track.

Also, the group were asked to build a tower, using just marshmallows and dry pasta, to demonstrate the importance of teamwork. IT GOT MESSY!

I’d like to say a MASSIVE “well done” to Kai and Morgan, who showed lots of imagination and always offered a helping hand to others.

On Wednesday, Activ8 made the short trip to Avro FC where the whole group had a great time and made full use of the fantastic facilities on offer. Despite the shocking weather conditions, we had a great time. The football club was extremely welcoming and we look forward to visiting again.

As always, DofE was our Thursday morning. Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Newton, Miss. Shirley and Mrs. Moss took the gang on a lovely, socially distanced walk, along the Pennine Bridle Way. This week, some of our students received their Certificates of Achievement for the Silver and Bronze DofE Awards. Well done to:

  • Imran
  • Charlie
  • Sophie J.
  • Corey
  • Kai

Lastly, Tyler has had the opportunity to join the chef at Springboard Project and do some cooking. Tyler has made some lunches complete with cheesecake dessert – it was delicious!

Tyler said: “ I really enjoyed it.”  Thank you for lots of lovely food, Ty!

It’s been an eventful week, we’ve had tonnes of fun! Well, that’s all from us this week,

See you again soon.

Now it’s over to our Pre Intern groups, starting with our Job Coach Nicola..

Since we have come back to college after half term, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for our pre-interns. We have had to temporarily suspend our placement at David Lloyd due to lockdown and this week we were meant to start a new placement at AVRO Football Club. This has been temporarily delayed due to our bubble closing but our pre-interns have continued to work hard in the classroom and remotely at home.

In college the students have continued to work on their CVs, focusing on adding their qualifications and achievements. They have finished the role play section of their ‘Developing Interpersonal Skills’ unit where they had to demonstrate persuasive and assertive behaviour.

They also researched our new placement, using google maps and the placement website to find out the location and how best to travel to the placement from their homes.

This week our students have been learning remotely at home using their iPads to complete their work via Showbie. I have to say I have been so impressed with how well our students have engaged, especially Kevin, Tayla and Saaim. Well done guys, you all deserve Worker of the Week awards.

They have completed work on anti-bullying and have started to design front covers for their employability portfolios that include images of placements, communication, working in a team and working independently. Here are some examples of their work.

Our Job Coach Colin has news of our other Pre Interns..

Here we are again, another week down and only 5 weeks until Christmas!

This week has been a crazy and strange week for the pre-interns as we have been remote working from home, students have been accessing online learning through Showbie and completing work set from Employability, Maths, English and PSHE.

In English students have been working on complaint letter writing skills and understanding different ways to structure these.

Maths has consisted of working on understanding BIDMAS and products of primes.

Now we have finished our first unit of ‘Developing Interpersonal Skills’, we have started a new unit within Employability around understanding healthy diets and the importance and impact of food on the body and how it can benefit us when in the world of work such as boosting energy levels, concentration etc.

I want to say a huge thank you and well done to the students, they have coped fantastically well during this time, making progress, showing resilience and great commitment with a will to work.

I have asked student for comments on how they have found remote learning..

  • ‘’Working at home was not something I have liked doing but eventually I got over it and I have done well with the work that was given to me, I’m a bit surprised by this.”
  • “I feel mostly alright about this since I could work at the comfort of my home but it’s not like a classroom at college’’
  • ‘’This week has been very good considering we have been at home due to having to isolate for 2 weeks. I’ve kept up to date with my work from my teachers and completed the majority of the work that has been set. Would like to thank the teachers for putting work onto Showbie for us students much appreciated. Hope everyone is doing good and keep safe everyone your all doing amazing in this tough time!’’
  • ‘’It was hard for me to do it online because I had to get motivated to do it but now I am enjoying doing it, it allows me to do more work at home and get used to an online work environment. I’m lucky that we have an online system for education because of the Covid situation I’d be far back with my work without it’’

 Stay safe!

Have a good weekend,

Jaina and the Team.

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