04 Dec

As we fast approach the end of the year it is always good to see what we have managed to achieve in the last 4 months that we have been in college.

We have settled ourselves into our brand new building. Our students are happy and settled and achieving in all areas. The Lumenus team have continued to use visitors to enrich the curriculum offer with Touchdown Dance and Oldham Collesium. The Activ8 team have brought in a new qualification, are using Mahdlo’s fitness suite, have been out and about in the community exploring new places to walk on their DofE and have now started to use the facilities at AVRO. Our two Digit4ll groups have established two new businesses, printed 200 mugs for a local business and embarked on the Young Enterprise scheme for another year. Then too our Pre Interns and Bridging the Gap students. Well if it wasn’t for the fantastic business skills of the BtG group, my car would be very dirty – they have offered a fantastic service to the staff cars alongside completing relevant training with the Royal Oldham Hospital, attending different placements alongside others on the employability pathways. The Pre Interns have been back in action with undertaking class based learning for their employability award, many of the students have had some form of experience on placement through our links with David Lloyd, Scope, AVRO and most recently Oldham Food Bank. In addition to this, Mr Holland and Ms Asbury have supported these students to have additional Maths and English interventions – we have made use of all available time in college to really support all our learners.

Wow what a great start to the year! Well done all.

Our Bridging the Gap students have had a very exciting week!! Our job coach Bethany has all the details..

After being off for 2 weeks self-isolating, we are now back in college and have hit the ground running with our new placement at AVRO Football Club in Oldham! 5 students who all had an interest in the jobs they were offering have been able to access this and across the two days they all got a to chance to attend our new placement.

The students have done a variety of jobs, from helping to paint the new office area..

..to helping with a delivery of supplies for the Astro pitch and cleaning the locker rooms out.. 

The feedback we have received from all the students have been amazing and they all can’t wait to go back next week to carry on with some more.

In class in employability we have been focusing on our teamwork skills module for employability and have been discussing what each student’s role means for the purpose of a team. All the students had some really good answers to this as they have all been able to think about previous placements as well as our new placement at AVRO.

Now Mr Slater has news for us from Digit4ll..

It’s been another busy few weeks for the Digit4ll pathway. An order for 250 mugs that had to be unboxed, printed and then boxed up for collection meant it was all hands to the pump! As you can see it required everyone to do their share of the work, from printing off the images to unboxing the mugs, printing the images onto the mugs, re-boxing them and getting them ready for collection!

First Joseph prints off the images while Alex begins unboxing the mugs..

Then the images are spliced to the correct size and Paddy attaches them to the mug..

Here, Suhan and Danielle print the image onto the mug using the heat press, then Arron puts the mug in water to cool down..

Finally, the mug is dried, re-packed and boxed by Michael, Tobias and Jake – just another 244 or so to go!

The finished product!!

As well as all of the production work, there has been some time put aside in order to get to grips with the VR sets that we have here on the pathway. An interesting time was had by all!

As you can see, some decided that rather than risk falling over when going on a “virtual spacewalk” it was safer sat down!

Also, Mrs Joubert’s elves have been busy producing various styles of stocking fillers ready for any customers that might be interested! Contact us on nbenterprise@newbridgegroup.org

We’ll be back with more news of our products and sales soon

Lumenus have been equally busy..

Lumenus have been busy as usual this week!! We have been putting the finishing touches to our piece about Hope, which we have filmed and will be part of the Christmas Showcase. This will be streamed to families in the last week of term.

On Monday the students worked with Mr Preston and continued to look at features of Garageband to improve their creation of a piece of music using smart instruments.

For the last two Wednesdays Lumenus have been engaging in a workshop with an outside arts professional, Michelle Temperley. The students are learning new skills every week to help them to produce a piece relating to employability, next year.

On Thursday they have worked hard with the ladies from Touchdown Dance creating a dance to a Christmas tune.

The students have engaged in daily relaxation techniques and received Reiki from Mrs Preston.

Have a great weekend,

Jaina and the Team.

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